NSFA is working on an exciting project to produce a risk assessment tool focusing on Nova Scotia’s grape and wine industry.  The AgriRisk pilot project will produce a user-friendly risk-assessment tool merging existing data with expert knowledge to assess current and future/projected risks associated with climate change and the changing socio-economic landscape. A dykeland component will allow for better understanding of dykeland infrastructure and vulnerability to extreme weather. The tool will help you evaluate different environmental and socioeconomic risk scenarios and test out various mitigation strategies.

Upcoming Activities

Grape growers and winemakers are invited to join our workshop on March 21st or 23rd to provide expert input in this early stage of the project. The more guidance and engagement we have from you now, the better the risk assessment tool will be for Nova Scotian grape growers and winemakers to assess risk to the grape value chain.

The goal of the workshop will be to gather expert knowledge to make sure that we understand all of the components in the grape value chain so we can build a useful model. We also need help identifying the key risks and threats so we bring all of the relevant data and information into the model. From there we will build, refine, and test the tool – inviting you to review it with us along the way and provide feedback and input to make sure it is the most useful and accurate tool.

Please RSVP Meredith Flannery by March 19, 2017.   If you are unavailable the 21st or 23rd but interested providing input or learning more please contact Meredith at or 902-209-5152

Project Progress

As the project progresses, watch this page for updates!


Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture would like to recognize the collaborative relationships that exist among Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Nova Scotia Departments of Agriculture and Environment.