Risk Proofing Nova Scotia Agriculture: A Risk Assessment System Pilot


As a brief overview the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture’s Risk Proofing Nova Scotia Agriculture (AgriRisk), funded through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s AgriRisk Initiatives, is a pilot project focusing on Nova Scotia’s grape and wine industry. The goal is to develop a user-friendly risk-assessment tool that merges existing data with expert knowledge to assess current and future risks associated with climate change and the changing socio-economic landscape in the province. The tool will provide grape growers, wineries, and others along the grape value chain a way to help evaluate different environmental and socio-economic risk scenarios and test out various mitigation strategies. Using quantitative and expert knowledge based analysis the project will use a state of the art statistical modelling approach built on Bayesian Network models that enable growers and others in the industry to easily see relationships between key elements of the grape and wine value chain. The resulting tools will enable users to interactively assess the impact of events (e.g. climate change, price change), and various mitigation factors or changing circumstances (e.g. changes in consumer tastes) across the chain in order to evaluate risks and hence plan risk mitigation strategies.



Report on NSFA AgriRisk Workshop and Start-up – March 2017



AgriRisk Baysian Network Presentation

What is AgriRisk and Next Steps


More Information:

Meredith Flannery
Project Manager, AgriRisk Project
(902) 209-5152




Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture would like to recognize the collaborative relationships that exist among Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Nova Scotia Departments of Agriculture and Environment.