Stirling Fruit Farms, established in 1918, is a family farm located in Greenwich, Nova Scotia. The farm includes 400 acres of orchard and 400 acres of various other crops, such as vegetables, wheat and corn. The farm is vertically integrated and sells most of the produce through five fruit stands in two provinces (NS and NB). It also has a packing line and juice plant. Hal, Jim and Ralph Stirling run the operation and want to be more competitive and supply their markets at a more cost effective price.

Energy Efficient Cold Storage

Upgraded a compressor to allow for 50percent more apple storage in existing cold rooms. This allowed for less energy use per lb of apples stored. This project offset the need for additional storage space and deferred future capital expenditures. The Homegrown Success Program, BMP 36, administered by the NS Department of Agriculture, provided an incentive of up to 50 percent for this project.

Evaporator Fan Motor Controllers

Installed evaporator fan motor controllers to allow the speed to adjust and run based on room temperature instead of just on/off.

Project cost:  $17,700
Incentive:  A rebate of up to 50% under the NS Department of Agriculture Homegrown Success Program BMP 36
Savings:  $1,645/year
Payback:  5.4 years

Additionally, Efficiency NS has an incentive of $1000 per controller and 0% interest over 2 years through their Business Energy Rebates Program (BER)