The Water Resource Program funded projects which were of strategic value related to stewardship and management of provincial water resources to protect agriculture and recreational fishing. The Water Resource Program was administered by the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture, through the NSFA Agricultural Water Committee, with the funding support of the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture.

There were 8 projects funded over the span of the project from September 2016 to December 2017.

  1. Development of Nitrate Management Strategies for the Village of Port Williams
  2. Reducing nitrate loading to groundwater in NS by quantifying soil nitrogen supply of agricultural soils as a means of developing site specific N fertilizer recommendations
  3. LaHave River Watershed Agricultural Assessment and Restoration Project
  4. Mabou Harbour Watershed
  5. Impact of Lake Recovery on Agricultural Ecosystems Services
  6. Silage Seepage Containment
  7. An Assessment of Environmental Pressures on Water Quality in the Carleton River Catchment and Adjacent Areas
  8. Comparative Analysis of Milking Systems in NS to Improve Efficiency and Sustainability of Water Resources