In partnership with the South Shore School Food Project (SSSFP), Agri-Futures NS is installing five salad bars in five schools in the South Shore Regional Centre of Education. The goals of the project are to:

  1. Launch a salad bar program in five schools in the SSRCE with a combined student population of 1,700.
  2. To procure $55,000 worth of locally sourced food (coming from Nova Scotia farmers/food producers).
  3. To procure at least 30% locally sourced ingredients for the salad bars (the % will be calculated on an annual basis due to fluctuating food seasonality).
  4. To sell 25,000 feature meals (showing popularity of offer and volume increase)
  5. To sell 7.5 meals per labour hour (comparing start-up investment cost and how this is impacted with time, efficiencies and familiarity).

Funding for this project has been provided by Invest Nova Scotia, NS Health Authority, Lunenburg Farmer’s Market, South Shore Regional Centre of Education and Agri-Futures NS