International Women’s Day – Jessica D’Entremont

Our next #IWD2024 highlight is Jessica D’Entremont, Sales Agronomist at Scotian Gold!

Growing up on a 5th generation family farm in the Annapolis Valley, Jessica’s passion for agriculture was sparked at an early age. In more recent years, working at Scotian Gold has provided a great opportunity for her to be involved in the agriculture sector, as she is proud to contribute to this essential industry.

Jessica graduated from Dalhousie University-Agriculture Campus in 2018, and shortly after that, started her career as a Sales Agronomist at Scotian Gold in the spring of 2019. “Knowing that my work contributes to agriculture’s crucial role in providing food for our communities, and being a part of that process gives me pride in what I do.”

Jessica’s message on International Women’s Day: 🌱

“Women have always played a vital role in agriculture and have made significant contributions to the industry’s success. From working in the fields, to managing farms, to conducting research, women have always demonstrated their dedication in the agricultural sector. It is important to appreciate the role that women play in agriculture and to continue supporting their efforts to further advance the industry.”