Utensil Training

The Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture is pleased to offer farmers and industry the opportunity to participate in the new training offered by Utensil.ca. Utensil was created by Crystal Mackay of @Loft32 and Andrew Campbell (@Freshairfarmer) as a response to offer training and opportunities during the Covid-19 pandemic. https://utensil.ca/ 

NSFA has secured 28 seats from three different courses. You can apply to take: 

  • Media Training 

This training program is a great first step to help you prepare for the next time the media calls. It’s specifically designed for people who work in agriculture and food, but the principles apply for everyone. This training is good for your personal development, as well as for any organization or sector you might represent in an interview with a blend of practical information, tips and practice. 

  • Grow Your Brand 

What is your BRAND? Whether it is your corporate image or your personal one, your brand is something that needs to be nurtured on a regular basis. Through video and a downloadable workbook, you’ll be able to feel more confident in how to build a better brand. 

  • So…Your Client Is A Farmer 

This course is designed to help you build relationships & business opportunities with farmers. It is a great first step to working more effectively with farmers. Whether you are directly working in the field or work for an organization that interacts with farmers or impacts their businesses somehow, this program is built for you!  

Utensil Training

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