International Women’s Day – Anna Hutchinson

Our final #IWD2024 highlight is Anna Hutchinson, a maple syrup producer and owner at Hutchinson Acres in Lake Paul!

Anna’s passion for agriculture began as a child, growing up farming from dairy, to orchards, and now maple syrup! Providing healthy home-grown food has always been a passion.

Anna’s farming family background meant that for her- it was natural that she would also want to be a part of the agriculture industry! Anna and her husband ran a trucking company for 21 years and this provided the base for them to get involved in agriculture in the form of maple syrup. They started slow but grew very fast as demand for an organic maple syrup made in Nova Scotia increased. “Maple Syrup has had its up and downs just like any other farming venture, the weather plays a big part in our production, but we keep plugging along- there is always next season!”

Anna’s message on International Women’s Day: 🌱

“I have been a part of every aspect of farming in the maple syrup industry from working in the woods, evaporation of sap into maple syrup, bottling, managing, sales to deliveries. Just know that being a woman in farming means you wear many hats and they are not all the same. As women we are able to multitask well and that is what farming is all about! There is no better life!”