International Women’s Day – Jennifer Haverstock

On #IWD2024 we are highlighting Jennifer Haverstock, Manager of Horticulture at Perennia Food and Agriculture Corporation.

Upon graduation from high school in Truro, Jennifer knew she wanted to work in an area of sustainable development but wasn’t sure where to start. After taking a year off to travel Canada with Katimavik, she landed back at the Nova Scotia Agriculture College intending to only complete the first year and then move on to a different university, but very quickly, knew that (sustainable) agriculture was the right fit for her.

Jennifer’s fifteen-year career path has been far from a straight line, in terms of either role or location. After completing a Masters of Science in Agricultural Chemistry at Dal AC, she pursued positions related to on-farm sustainability, including nutrient management, off-farm emissions, and cover cropping. This led to work in New Brunswick and then P.E.I. working with Environmental Farm Planning and nutrient management planning. To complete the Atlantic tour, she spent five years working in Newfoundland and Labrador in a variety of positions that provided broad experience, from vegetable to field crops. When the opportunity to move home and to work with Perennia opened up, she jumped at the opportunity to become the Berry Specialist for Nova Scotia. Leading to where she is today, in 2020 Jennifer moved into the role of Manager of Horticulture, with Perennia’s Agriculture Services Division.

“Through my varied positions, my passion for working with farms and finding custom solutions for industry spurred my work. As a Manager, I have the opportunity to look at industry from a different perspective and hopefully find solutions and opportunities that can impact broader industry.”

Jennifer’s message on International Women’s Day: 🌱

“It isn’t always a straight road to get to where you want to go, so take advantage of all the opportunities put in front of you, as they are all important parts of your path.”