What we do

  • Review legislative and regulatory issues that impact our agriculture industry
  • Lobby the government for changes to existing legislation, regulation and public policy
  • Develop and deliver programs and services to meet the needs of the farm community.

Our Mission

To influence and affect change for the continual success of agriculture in Nova Scotia.

Our Vision

A prosperous and sustainable future for Nova Scotia farms and farmers.

Strategic Plan

About the NSFA

The Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture has been the voice of Nova Scotia farmers since 1895. Representing the interests of over 90% of all agricultural production across the province.

The NSFA supports farm families and businesses through lobby and advocacy efforts and the delivery of programs and services. The NSFA works in the best interest of our members.

The NSFA monitors and reviews trends, legislations and programs that impact the industry. We actively lobby and advocate for changes and improvements to legislation, programs and public policy. We work with our members and a wide variety of stakeholders to ensure our members’ voices are represented and heard. A few key advocacy areas of the NSFA are:

  • Transportation: farm plates, infrastructure, regulatory challenges
  • Labour and skills training
  • Agricultural land
  • Wildlife compensation and control
  • Investment in agriculture through funding programs

The NSFA also delivers a variety of programs and services in partnership with other agencies, which support its members through education, awareness and training. Our core programs include:

  • Environmental Farm Plan helps farmers identify and assess environmental risk on their property. It enables farmers to incorporate environmental considerations into their everyday business decisions.
  • Farm Safety Nova Scotia works with Nova Scotia farms to keep farmers, their families, and their employees safe. With a goal of ensuring farmers have access to the tools and resources they need to operate safe and productive farms.
  • Meet Your Farmer works to increase the public’s trust in Nova Scotia’s agriculture industry through public awareness campaigns and supporting farmers in sharing their message.
  • Ag Sector Program supports farms with human resources tools and skills training, along with career promotion, worker recruitment and retention and succession planning.