Workplace Education Courses

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Financial Management Level 1

Topics to be covered:

The Basics and Definitions
Concepts of Bookkeeping
Pricing Strategy
Home Office and Vehicle Use
Basic Farm Taxation
Financial Statements
Reporting Requirements
Budgets and Cash Flows
Financial Analysis

HR Essentials

Topics to be covered:

Building a staffing strategy
• Identifying present and future HR needs for your farm operation
• Organizational charts for a clear picture of reporting relationships, flow of authority and communication

Job Analysis and Job Descriptions
• Steps to analyze a job
• The value of job descriptions. Creating a job description for a position on your farm

The Hiring Process
• Recruitment strategy, effective job postings, interview questions and selection processes

Performance Management
• Setting employee goals, performance appraisals, discipline, termination, exit interviews

Human Resources Best Practices
• Orientation for new employees
• Employee policies, procedures, creating training development plans for staff
• Creating an employee-friendly work culture
• Leading and managing staff meetings

Succession Planning
• Defining the purpose of a succession planning, considerations for transferring ownership


Topics to be covered:

Effective Workplace Communications
– Verbal vs non-verbal communication

Interpreting basic body language cues

Interpreting para-verbal communication
– Active listening – Enhancing active listening skills

Various Personality Types

Managing Stress and Self-care – Goal setting and time management

Communication Styles
– Identifying and applying the four main communication styles

Positive Relationship Building
– Change leadership
– Power of intention – Identifying the impact of intention
– Triangulation – Identifying and navigating triangulation in the workplace
– Best Practices in workplace communication
– Navigating a multi-generational workplace – Improving communication

Respect in the Workplace
– Difficult conversations – Preparing for and participating in difficult conversations
– Conflict resolution

Professionalism and Team Building
– Applying best practices in workplace communication
– Problem solving

Social Media for Business

Topics include, but are not limited to:

What type of content works and where it should be posted
Establishing your brand image
Graphic design using Canva
Ad copy – what to write with your posts
How to create a content calendar
Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram


By completing this program, participants will be able to:

Create a domain name
Select a ‘host’ for their website
Develop content for their site
Understand links and hypertext
Import and place images and video
Get their site found in search engines
Apply ‘best practices’ to search optimization
Connect their website to social media