Farmers across Nova Scotia have been making energy improvements with support from many sources. As part of the Growing Forward policy framework, funding support was available to farmers to make energy efficiency, energy conservation and renewable energy upgrades on-farm. Through Growing Forward, farmers had resource support from a Farm Energy Specialist and financial support for Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) and Energy Pilot Projects. Efficiency Nova Scotia and Farm Energy Nova Scotia have also provided support for many energy upgrades.

The following are examples of farmers who have made energy improvements on their farms:

Lighting Retrofit

Cox Bros. Poultry Farm, Maitland, N.S.

Brad Dalrymple, third generation and co-owner wanted to reduce energy costs and improve light levels so he made lighting and insulation retrofits on the farm. Read more…

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Round Hill and Brookside Poultry Farm, Round Hill, N.S.
Karson and Valerie Lewis originally heated their barns with an oil fired in-floor heating system but converted to wood with oil back up due to high oil prices. The wood consumption was labour intensive and at the end of the wood boiler lifespan they decided to pursue a ground source heat oump with oil-fired boiler back up. Read more…

Solar Powered Cold Storage / Food Dehydrator

Waxwing Farm, Windemere, N.S.
David and Kim Hastings own and operate an organic vegetable farm just outside of Berwick, N.S. The farm is off-grid for power and has cold storage, a greenhouse, photovoltaic panels, a solar water heating system and a solar dehydrator system. Read more…

Energy Efficient Cold Storage / Evaporator Controllers

Stirling Fruit Farm, Greenwich, N.S.
Jim and Ralph Stirling are co-owners of Stirling Fruit Farm. They want to be more competitive and supply their markets at a more cost effective price. Read more…

Existing Barn Retrofit- Plate Cooler / Heat Reclaimer

Lindenright Holsteins, Antigonish, N.S.
Joanne and Harry Van Der Linden built a new barn in 2008 with cow comfort in mind. They also incorporated energy efficient options into the new barn and existing barn renovations. Read more…

Boiler Bran Solar Wall & Ventilation

Cornwallis Farm Ltd., Port Williams, N.S.
An energy audit was conducted and recommendations included the installation of a solar air heating system and upgrades to the lighting, heating and ventilation systems. Read more…