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Victor Oulton, President

Victor Oulton is part of WG Oulton & Sons Ltd located in Martock, Hants County.  The Oulton family has been farming the land for four generations, and all of the current members of the family are involved in the business; Victor, his wife Novadawn and son Wyatt are farming with with his Dad (Mike), Mom, (Dianne) and brother (Wayne, Nicole and their family).  In addition to the Hereford beef cattle, you can find a variety of other animals – sheep, deer, elk, free range poultry, wild boar, kangaroos and a provincially inspected abattoir and poultry processing plant, orchard and woodlot. Victor has served on various agricultural boards over the years and is no stranger to beef show and sales.  At the national level, Victor was the CFA Director for NSFA. Victor’s work on NSFA Committees includes: Agriculture Wildlife Issues Committee, Direct to Market Small Scale Working Group and Deadstock. Victor is also involved in 4H and Past President of the  Canadian Hereford Association, Maritime Hereford Association and the Windsor Agricultural Society.



Tim Marsh, 1st Vice President & CFA Director

Tim Marsh is a dairy farmer along the dykeland in Poplar Grove.  Tim milks 90 Holsteins, has a herd size of around 200 and farms 750 acres of land of which almost 300 acres is dyke land.  Before taking over the family farm in 2000, Tim graduated from Acadia University and was a Geologist for a gypsum mining company.  Tim’s passion for geology and soils is evident – Tim is currently the Chair of Nova Scotia Soil and Crop Association and was also a Nova Scotia Representative on the Soil Conservation Council of Canada.  Tim was one of the original Directors on the Board of Dairy Farmers of Nova Scotia and has served as the Chair of Hants County Federation of Agriculture. Tim enjoys spending time with family – he and his wife Shelley often take grandkids to search for agate in the Bay of Fundy. Tim has three sons: Tyler is now driving trucks, Peter is at home on the farm, and his son Craig farms on PEI.



Chris deWaal, 2nd Vice President

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Allan Melvin, Corporate Secretary & Treasurer

Allan Melvin grew up on his family’s 5th generation vegetable farm in Pereaux, Kings County. After studying Business Administration at Acadia University, Allan obtained his Chartered Accountants designation and worked across Canada and Internationally before settling back to rural Nova Scotia. Currently working at Bishop and Company Chartered Professional Accountants, Allan provides accounting and advisory services with a focus on Agriculture related clients, while on a part time basis, Allan helps out on the farm.

Allan is also the Past President and current Vice President of the Kings County Federation of Agriculture, and is a member of the Agriculture Advisory Group with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada. Allan has also earned a certificate from Texas A&M for his participation in The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers (TEPAP).


Chris van den Heuvel, Past President

Chris van den Heuvel grew up on dairy farm in Skye Glen, NS. Along with his wife Karen, they are partnered with their son Jordan on a 4th generation mixed dairy and beef operation in Port Hood, Cape Breton, NS. Managing 160 head of cattle they grow their own grass silage, corn silage, peas, oats and barley for feed. Chris has recently served 9 years as the President of the Inverness/Victoria Federation of Agriculture, 8th year on the NS Federation of Agriculture (NSFA) executive including a 3-year term as President of the NSFA and is currently the 2nd Vice President of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture.

At all three levels Chris is actively involved in the creation, oversight and management of agricultural policy.

In addition to his seats on local, provincial and national executives, Chris sits on the National Program Advisory Committee (NPAC) as the federally appointed member for NS. Chris also sits on various local and municipal committees dealing with issues such as energy, land and the local Chamber of Commerce


Lauren Park

Lauren Park is a first generation farmer who has been working in agriculture for a decade. She is a beekeeper, specializing in queen bee rearing, in the Gaspereau Valley. In addition to her farm, Forest Hill Apiary, Lauren manages the 2000 hive Cosman and Whidden Honey farm specializing in fruit pollination and honey production.

Lauren is active in a cross section of agriculture organizations. Presently a member of the Nova Scotia Young Farmers Forum, Lauren is passionate about ensuring young farmers are educated and have a strong voice in the industry.  Lauren is also Past President of the Beekeepers Association of Nova Scotia and has been involved in key initiatives to ensure a sustainable beekeeping industry in the future.




Josh Oulton

Josh Oulton grew up in Windsor, Nova Scotia working alongside his grandfather on his beef and layer farm. After attending NSAC he began his career in agriculture. He worked in the dairy industry for a number of years before transitioning to horticulture. In 2004 Josh purchased his 144-acre mixed vegetable farm in Lower Canard, Nova Scotia. Currently he is farming with his partner Patricia Bishop and 40-member farm team, with some making the annual trip from Jamaica . Josh and Patricia have three children Izaak(17), Lily (13) and Frank (12). Josh is currently farming 300 acres consisting of vegetables, fruit, malting barley, pastured livestock and 3 acres of flax fibre. The farm has a 300-member CSA (community share agriculture) and sells products to local farmer markets. Josh was the president of Horticulture Nova Scotia and ACORN (Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network) and is active in the organic farming community. The farm has diversified into flax production to create new products and to provide new opportunities to the agricultural sector.

The farm is in the 4th growing season of flax. This is the first year the farm is producing yarn.

Interested in flax production from seed to shirt, Josh has studied all aspects of growing high-quality flax fibre straw and the processing of the flax into high quality linen for cloths.  Also, Josh and Patrica were selected as Outstanding young farmers in the Atlantic region.

Peter Morine

Peter Morine and his wife Margaret have been farming for nearly 43 years. Together they have a son, Andrew; two stepdaughters, Lisa and Sherry; nine grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Born and raised in Avonport, Peter grew up on a mixed farm and had a 35-year career with Michelin – with 27 years in various maintenance positions and the last 7 years spent in Human Resources. Currently, Peter and Margaret are farming beef, forage and forestry with their son Andrew. Peter has been active in the agriculture industry for many years, he was one of the founding members of Farm Safety Nova Scotia, has sat on numerous committees with the NSFA and has been the President of the Lunenburg Queens Federation of Agriculture since 2003.


Jacob Mullen

Growing up in Weymouth, Jacob Mullen’s father raised a variety of livestock over the years which is when his passion for farming all began. Jacob and his wife Colette have been farming for 18 years. In 2002 they began farming with 1 cow/calf and 5 chickens, from there they have raised various numbers of broiler birds, laying hens, pigs, cattle and goats. For several years the pair raised hundreds of bob calves – some of which went for veal and others went for beef.  Currently they have 30 heard of cattle along with pigs and chickens. They now specialize in direct marketing along with their 3 little future farmers; Emma, Chelsea and Tyler.

Over the years Jacob has served on numerous committees and is looking forward to serving you on Council.


Gordon Jackson

Gordon Jackson grew up on a mixed farm in Clarence.  In 1970, he purchased 8 grade cows and 160 lbs of dairy quota, and as a 4th generation farmer began milking cows on a farm in Clarence. In 1971, he married his high school sweetheart, Joyce and they moved to the farm, where they worked side by side until selling the farm in 2005 and moving to another. Together they have 2 daughters, Heather who works full-time in their office but lives in HRM, and Cheryl who lives in Ontario with her husband and 3 children. Their Christian faith is very important to them and helps to create a close family unit.

Throughout the years they improved the dairy farm and built a closed purebred herd of 80 cows and 80 heifers, which they sold in 2005.  In 1998, they began selling retail agricultural seed (Jackson Seed Sales Ltd.) and plan to wind down those sales in the next few years. Currently, they farm 750 acres, producing cash crops of corn, soybeans, small grains, straw, and forages; and also do custom work throughout the growing and harvesting seasons. Gordon is very interested in growing crops and trying new varieties of seeds and finding what grows the best.

During his farming career he has served on many agricultural boards and is currently serving on the Farm Technician Trade Advisory Committee.  Since helping a young farmer set up a 100-cow/100-calf beef farm in their community in 2012,  Gordon has been mentoring him and helping him become established.  He now farms 750 acres and is also Gordon’s employee.  Gordon is very interested in helping young people who want to farm, be successful in doing so.

Joe Piotti

Joe operates a mixed 200 acre farm/woodlot in Colchester County, managing Belted Galloway grass fed beef cattle, forest raised Berkshire pigs, pasture raised poultry, a certified organic haskap orchard, Christmas tree lot and woodlot.

Before farming, Joe worked in the banking and investment banking industries for over 35 years in New England. Joe’s other agricultural service work includes being past president of the Haskap Growers Association of Nova Scotia (representing farmers in NS, NB and PEI), past chairman of Haskap Canada (representing farmers nationwide) and is currently president of the Haskap Marketing Group (a Co-op consisting of over two dozen farmers throughout the Maritimes).

Joe actively farms with his wife Stephanie, and two young children (Luke & Sadie).   The family feels blessed to be improving the land while producing nourishing agricultural products to help feed Nova Scotian families and contributing to food security in the region.

Andy Parker

Andy was raised in Grafton, Kings County and attended Dalhousie University where he met his wife Gail.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, they moved to Alberta where Andy worked in the oil industry.  In 1982, Andy and Gail, and their children Ian and Janet, returned to Nova Scotia where Andy was the Manager of Petroleum Resources in the Provincial government, and later worked with the Canada Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board, involved in the regulation of offshore petroleum activities.

Andy and his family now operate CAP Farms Inc, an apple farm in Grafton, Nova Scotia. This farm was started by Andy and Gail in the 1980’s, and was managed by Gail until Andy’s retirement in 2007.

Andy is a past president of the Nova Scotia Fruit Growers Association and sits on the board of directors for the Annapolis Valley Farmland Trust.



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