You will find a selection of podcasts and video training and resources in this section. Just click on the links and settle in to listen or watch and learn more about building trust, communicating, and creating connections with Nova Scotians.


From Heart to Heart: Farmers Building Trust, Being Transparent and Doing Better

Created by the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture, Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture, and NATIONAL; From Heart to Heart focuses on effective storytelling and tips you can use as a farmer or industry stakeholder to communicate with the public. The podcasts feature key messages that you can use when talking to Nova Scotians.

Section 1
The changing nature of farming and agriculture in Nova Scotia
Section 2
Effective Storytelling
Section 3
Storytelling and the public
Section 4
Storytelling and the media
Section 5
How to answer questions
Section 6
Your mental health
Section 7
In summary

Maritime AgCast

Maritime AgCast is the industry’s newest podcast based on discussions of important topics for livestock farmers with local, regional and national guests.

Host Brad McCallum, Agri-Commodity Management Association (ACMA), chats with Janette McDonald, Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture, Ruth Mathewson, Woolies of Upperbrook Farm and Susan Hamilton, Wild Pasture Farm, about the importance of supporting and buying local in episode 7.


Mind Your Farm Business is podcast series available on YouTube from Real Agriculture that tackles big issues, like farm succession and transition, the buy vs. lease decision, and leadership and development of farm leaders, in a conversational, helpful format. Top business minds gather to talk all things farm management in Mind Your Farm Business. You can find all episodes at:

Two episodes featuring public trust are:

Mind Your Farm Business
Ep 32: Putting a value on public trust – YouTube
Mind Your Farm Business
Ep. 41: Being intentional building and measuring trust – YouTube

Meet Your Farmer hosted a webinar discussing the safe production, handling, and preparation of food, which starts at the farm and ends in your kitchen. Food safety is a shared responsibility. This video was created to share with consumers.

Meet Your Farmer
Keeping Food Safe Webinar
Meet Your Farmer
Using Social Media to Share Your Story: Session 1
Meet Your Farmer
Using Social Media to Share Your Story: Session 2
Meet Your Farmer
Using Social Media to Share Your Story: Session 3