International Women’s Day – Emma Cole

Meet Emma Cole, our next #IWD2024 highlight from Just Bloom Flower Farm in Middle Musquodoboit.

Emma was born and raised with roots in agriculture on a dairy farm in Ontario. She spent most of her childhood feeding calves, milking cows, working with her 4-H heifers, and picking sweet corn during the summer months with her father. “Hard physical work, fresh air and life in the country is hard to beat.”

She graduated University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and started her own fitness business, which she ran for 11 years. Although she is passionate about fitness, and working with people to gain strength and mobility… she found herself drawn to digging in the dirt, growing beautiful blooms and putting a smile on people’s faces. Emma initially started growing flowers for her wedding… and then never stopped! She continued simply because she fell in love with the growing process (and being surrounded by beautiful blooms). After sharing her gardens with friends, her little side gig quickly turned into something much bigger.

“What do I love most about being in the agriculture industry? Raising the next generation of farmers!”

Emma’s message on International Women’s Day: 🌱

“The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another.”