Lindenright Holsteins is a family farm located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. This dairy farm was established in 1983 and is owned by Joanne, Harry and Jason Van Der Linden. They milk 90 cows on 200 acres. They built a new barn in 2008 with cow comfort in mind. They also incorporated energy efficient options into the new barn and existing barn renovations. In the new barn they incorporated curtains instead of fans, high performance T8 (HPT8) lighting and ceiling insulation.

Existing Barn Retrofit – Plate Cooler and Heat Reclaimer

A plate cooler and heat reclaimer were added to save electricity. The plate cooler takes some of the heat from the milk before it goes to the bulk tank to be cooled. This saves on compressor run time and the warm water is available for the cows for drinking water. The heat reclaimer takes the waste heat from the compressor to preheat water for the electric hot water tank.

An estimated project summary is detailed below:

Project Cost:   $4000 for plate cooler, $6000 for heat reclaimer


  • Efficiency NS Business Energy Rebate Program offers a rebate of $15 per milked cow for the heat reclaimer and $12 per milked cow for the plate cooler, plus 0% interest financing over 2 years
  • NS Department of Agriculture Homegrown Success Program BMP36 (up to 50% funding)

Savings:   $2,500
Payback: 1 year

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