Statement on Commercial Wine Program Support

The Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture (NSFA) represents over 2,000 registered farms in Nova Scotia, including over 50 grape growers across the province.

In recent years, Nova Scotia has established itself as a leading wine destination with the industry growing more than 1,500 acres of grapes. These vineyards enhance the rural landscape, drawing both tourists and newcomers, resulting in millions of dollars of economic impact for the province.

While we wholeheartedly support initiatives aimed at supporting Nova Scotia businesses, we fear that the current trajectory of the Commercial Wine Support Program policy may inadvertently undermine the goals of increasing the production of local agricultural products and pose a significant threat to our farm wineries.

Government must come together with industry stakeholders to understand the full impact the Commercial Wine Program Support policy will have on not only the agricultural sector but also the province’s goal to encourage local and support innovative and sustainable businesses across Nova Scotia.