Do you have an idea that requires research?

The Dalhousie Agriculture Campus is looking to collaborate with farmers and commodity groups to enhance agricultural research.   We hope to stimulate interest in the farming community by showing the type of projects that have been done and can be done.

Senior Year Projects

It is amazing what students come up with. Check out the departments below for a list of senior year student’s project titles.

Environmental Science

  • The effect of bee density on berry weight and seed number in blueberry
  • The effect of application rate and time of bio-solid fertilizer to the biomass and biodiversity of microorganisms in soils
  • The potential for coal fly ash to control green peach aphid on tomato
  • Modelling nitrogen mineralization in the Annapolis Valley
  • Leathal exposure to imidacloprid over generations
  • Amending biochar in soils for retaining napthalene in order to miigate contamination transport in leachate
  • Analysis of biodegradable plastic degradation by Aspergillus oryzae
  • Potential of Panchagavya for the control of powdery mildew on cucumber
  • Egg predation of ground nesting birds: The effect of diturbance from the forest edge in meadow landscapes and residential backyards
  • United States (WESPUS) for Colchester County
  • Evaluating chemical characteristics of vermicasts from earthworms grown in fish based compost media
  • Evaluation of the prospects of spinach ribulose1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase (RubisCO) as a precursor of antioxidant peptides using in silico and experimental approaches
  • Dehydration stress and mitigation technologies on postharvest needle abscission in root detached Balsam fir
  • Assessing the effectiveness of watershed liming to enhance fish habitat on soil and vegetation
  • The survival ability of Sagina species as a green roof plant
  • Main and interactive effects on light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration and leaf temperature on the net photosynthetic rate of wild blueberry
  • The effect of plant roots on soil nitrogen mineralization
  • Fate of heavy metals in biosolids applied to red spruce stands
  • The effects of drying on soil nitrogen mineralization
  • Development of a rapid assessment index for local streams in Nova Scotia
  • Assessment and sensitivity testing of portions of the Wetland Ecosystem Protocol for the United States (WESPUS) for Colchester County
  • The effect of changing temperature on stormwater retention and runoff from a green roof
  • The influence of growing medium depth on urban stormwater drainage and storage through green roofs
  • Evaluation of hydrologic performance of lateral flow sand filters for on-site wastewater treatment
  • Examing the influence of freezing and thawing on soil nitrogen levels
  • Comparison of energy content of adapted local grasses with other grass species for use as a bioenergy crop
  • The effect of bee density on berry weight and seed number in blueberry
  • The effect of application rate and time of bio-solid fertilizer to the biomass and biodiversity of microorganisms in soils

Business and Social Science

  • Eating Habits of Video Game Users
  • The change of dietary pattern and eating habits from high school to university
  • Local customers’ attitude toward local food
  • Factors influencing the willingness to pay extra for improved environment quality in Atlantic Canada
  • Evaluating Highbush Varieties Best Suited to Nova Scotia
  • The use of herbal medicine to treat livestock
  • The Match Between Base Product and Beneficial Ingredients Influencing Consumer Attitude Toward Functional Food
  • Social Economic and Health Determinants of High Blood Pressure
  • Social-Economic and Health Determinants of BMI
  • The effect of soybean reserve on its prices
  • China’s economy and house price
  • Attitude toward Innovation; The case of New Brunswick Farmers and One-Pass Tillage
  • Comparing cost and efficiencies of on-farm renewable energy sources in the cases of an anaerobic digester, a wind turbine and a solar field
  • Nova Scotia Wine Industry: An Industry Lifecycle Comparison
  • Implications of free market milk prices on a Nova Scotia dairy farm
  • Social Media Discourse Related to Genetically Modified Food Organisms
  • Local Consumerism at Masstown Market
  • Wind Turbine Regulatory Issues
  • Planning for the future with Cardigan Bearing & Steel
  • Social-Economic and Health Determinates of Canadian teenager
  • The impact of college life on Eating Habits
  • Social-Economic and Health Determinates of heart disease


  • Performance evaluation of commercial wild blueberry harvester to quantify fruit losses during harvesting.
  • Effect of ground speed and header revolutions on the picking efficiency of a commercial wild blueberry harvester
  • Artificial Duck Nesting Structures in Agricultural Watersheds
  • Variation of nitrates-nitrogen over the length of a Constructed Treatment Wetland
  • Implementation and Application of a Prototype Weather Station Network for Wild Blueberries
  • Effect of Drying on Apple Microstructure —Porosity, Density and Texture
  • Dynamic contamination reduction rate of Constructed Treatment Wetland (CTW)
  • Cabbage washed water characterization and treatment
  • Monitoring the river water quality near a sewage outfall
  • Corrosion Prevention Analysis Through Electronic Testing
  • Analyzing and Processing Automotive Electrical Sensory Equipment

Have an idea?  Looking for a contact? Find a researcher and their area of expertise

Research projects usually require some funding while the senior year student projects usually require little to no funding. Most departments at Dalhousie Agricultural Campus are looking for ideas for their students’ senior year projects. The Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture is available to coordinate and present research ideas to the appropriate department. Please contact the NSFA with your research needs at 893-2293.