Lauren Park – Forest Hill Apiary

Lauren Park is a first-generation farmer who has been working in agriculture for a decade. She is a beekeeper, specializing in queen bee rearing, in the Gaspereau Valley. In addition to her farm, Forest Hill Apiary, Lauren manages the 2000 hive Cosman and Whidden Honey farm specializing in fruit pollination and honey production.

Lauren is active in a cross section of agriculture organizations. Presently a member of the Nova Scotia Young Farmers Forum, Lauren is passionate about ensuring young farmers are educated and have a strong voice in the industry.  Lauren is past president of the Beekeepers Association of Nova Scotia and has been involved in key initiatives to ensure a sustainable beekeeping industry in the future.

Lauren started on the NSFA Executive Committee in November 2017 and is currently in her second year on Executive.

When asked why she wanted to be on Executive she replied,

“I feel as farmers we often get caught up in the bubbles of our counties and commodities and as a farmer who works in a single commodity, I was really excited about the opportunity to take a step back and be able to represent this agriculture community as a whole. As a female and a young farmer, it is very important to me to have opportunity contribute to a gender balanced industry as a member of the next generation of farmers. “

This experience has provided Lauren with a broad window into the diversity of farming we have in this province.

“I love learning about the different commodity priorities and balancing the industry’s challenges and successes with the agriculture community as a whole. I am inspired by the similarities we as farmers all share and look forward to continuing to learn and support our industry.”


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