International Women’s Day – Krista Oulton

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role in the agriculture industry in Nova Scotia

My husband and I have been farming together for 23 years, raising broiler chickens, layers and 3 kids in Kings County. As well as cropping around 500 acres of grain crops, corn, soybean and wheat to self supply feed for our chickens. 

I have been involved in the agricultural community for a long time whether it be volunteering through organizations such as 4H or participating in Ag. Days with our commodity  groups.   Currently I  am the only female on the EFNS board.  As well as volunteering in many other community activities which usually involve our children’s sports.

What is one message you would like to share about women in agriculture for International Women’s Day?

One message I would like to share with other women is to take any opportunity whether it be a position on a board or to learn a new skill set. 

It is slowly becoming the norm for women to be in non traditional roles in agriculture. It is amazing for my daughter to see that women can do anything on the farm that was once thought to be a males job. Women are seen as farmers now which was not the case when we started farming.  Happy International Women’s Day!