International Women’s Day – Cynthia Bazinet

Meet Cynthia Bazinet, our next #IWD2024 highlight! Cynthia is an owner and farmer of Coastal Grove Farms in Upper Port La Tour in Shelburne County. There, Cynthia and her family grow saffron, high-quality organic produce, and are Nova Scotia’s first tea plantation!

Cynthia’s passion for agriculture began in Peterborough, New Hampshire, of all places where her partner, Matthew Roy, worked as the Agricultural Manager for an 1,800-acre establishment. Her career path and professional roots are in public education, so she came to farming and agriculture later in life.

“I find the experience with the consumer most rewarding, as many are so often amazed that we have been able to grow such beautiful produce, tea, and saffron in a location utterly inhospitable to farming. Their joy, sometimes bordering on awe, in seeing that it can be done–and done well–is amazing to witness. That appreciation and gratitude makes all the difference.”

Cynthia’s message on International Women’s Day: 🌱

“There is real reward in stepping out of your comfort zone–at any age.”

You can learn more about Cynthia, her farm and family on their website Coastal Grove Farm.