COVID-19 Update: March 30

Dear members,

As you may have heard, the federal government’s guidelines related to temporary foreign workers is now available, you can find them here. These guidelines state that all TFWs will be required to quarantine on their arrival, there are no exemptions for this. The Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture is working on the logistics of supporting the quarantine period as we speak. Keep in mind, workers are unable to work during this 14-day quarantine period.

In an effort to help lessen the labour gap that Nova Scotia farms will experience this year especially, NSFA and the Agriculture Sector Program have launched three new pieces on the NSFA website.

First, is a page for our members to post job availability on their operations. All you have to do is answer all the necessary questions and a job description will be formulated. After being reviewed by NSFA staff, it will be posted on the newly developed job board on the NSFA website.

The second piece as mentioned above, is our new job board. This board will house all of the incoming job postings for farms and agricultural related businesses.

The third piece is an employee registration, where potential employees can fill out a registration form highlighting their skills and location. Jobs in their area will then be emailed to them.

Once we begin to receive job postings, we will start promoting this to Nova Scotians.

We are currently working with the Department of Labour and Advanced Education and the Department of Agriculture to identify programs and other initiatives that we need to support the labour gap in our province.

We continue to push for stronger financial program support for farmers. Our farmers don’t need more debt or only payment deferrals. We need interest forgiveness and no penalty deferrals, as our farmers should not be faced with the entire financial burden.

In addition, we have also requested that spring weight restrictions be lifted for agriculture related travel.

Our calls with Minister Colwell and MP Kody Blois continue, and I will keep bringing you new information as often as I can. As always, if you have any questions or concerns our NSFA staff are more than willing to help! You can reach them via email or by calling the office 902-893-2293.

Until next time,

Victor Oulton
Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture