Agencies, Boards, and Commissions

Every Spring and Fall the Nova Scotia Government recruits for members to Agencies, Boards and Commissions.  The spring recruitment is now open for 2022!

What is an agency, board and commission you ask?  These are “boards” that are identified in legislation that the government is required to fill.  There are a number of these agencies, boards and commissions – or ABCs – that pertain to agriculture.  Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board, Crop and Livestock Insurance Commission and Agricultural Marshland Conservation Commission are examples of ABCs. 

There are two types of ABCs – adjudicative and non-adjudicative.  If you are interested in applying to an adjudicative ABC, there are two intake deadlines each year.  Non-adjudicative boards are open year-round until the vacancies are filled.  The biggest difference between adjudicative boards and non-adjudicative boards is responsibility.  Adjudicative boards have authority to make decisions; the application for adjudicative boards has a series of questions for applicants to demonstrate ability to make unbiased decisions. 

You’re interested in applying to an ABC…now what?

There is an application process on the Nova Scotia government’s Executive Council website: .  You will need to set up an account if you haven’t applied to an ABC before. 

Applications are now open for the below agriculture ABCs.  The following ABCs are Adjudicative and have an application deadline of May 31st, 2022.

  • Agricultural Marshland Conservation Commission
  • Animal Welfare Appeal Board (previously known as Animal Cruelty Appeal Board)
  • Crop and Livestock Insurance Arbitration Board
  • Farm Practices Board
  • Farm Registration Appeal Committee
  • Meat Inspection Board
  • Natural Products Marketing Council

The following ABCs are non-adjudicative

  • Livestock Health Services Board
  • Veterinary Medical Association Council, Nova Scotia
  • Atlantic Provinces Harness Racing Commission
  • Crop and Livestock Insurance Commission, Nova Scotia
  • Farm Loan Board, Nova Scotia
  • Livestock Health Services Board

The farmer perspective is important on all of the above ABCs and many of the ABCs in other departments.  NSFA offers support to members interested in applying to ABCs.  This support can be filling out the application with you, talking through your answers to application question, identifying what experiences and skills should be highlighted in your application, setting up your account and more.  If you want to apply to an ABC, please contact Maxine at the NSFA office and she will help you on your application process.  Maxine can be reached at or (902) 893-2293.