Resolutions Report

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Resolutions from 2021 AGM

Below you will find the resolutions adopted at the 2021 Annual General Meeting on November 25, 2021.

01-2021: NS Agriculture First Policy
  • Whereas, we live in an agriculturally rich province; and

    Whereas, food security depends on success of our local agricultural communities; and

    Whereas, economic multiplier of agriculture is $8 to $1;

    Therefore, be it resolved, that NSFA lobby Provincial Government to change procurement strategy to a Nova Scotia Agriculture First Policy.

02-2021: Nuisance Licenses
  • Whereas, the nuisance wildlife population has increased substantially in the last few years, especially in the more fertile agricultural areas; and

    Whereas, the increased nuisance wildlife makes less forage available for grazing agricultural livestock; and

    Whereas, the increased nuisance wildlife negatively impacts agricultural production; and

    Whereas, all reasonable efforts to control nuisance wildlife have proven ineffective;

    Therefore, be it resolved, that the NSFA lobby the NS Dept of Natural Resources and Renewables and the government of Canada to make standing nuisance licenses more readily available.

03-2021: Avon River System Management
  • Whereas, the Avon River in Windsor/West Hants has been under a ministerial order for the last 9 months, depleting (draining) the fresh water resources available; and

    Whereas, livestock and crop producers are dependent on fresh water for daily ongoing operations as well as long term food security, climate change mitigation measures and future community fire protections; and

    Whereas, Hants County farms are the largest land owners of adjacent waterway lands on the Avon River with a wealth of experience on this river system;

    Therefore, be it resolved, that Hants County Federation of Agriculture is requesting support from the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture to lobby for inclusion in the ongoing planning and consultation with federal and provincial governments regarding the management of the Avon River System.

04:2021: Access to Resources
  • Whereas, agricultural businesses exist across the province of Nova Scotia; and

    Whereas, the need for specialists, government resources, funding, consulting, lab services, supplies, processing, legal advice, accountants, and much more is required for most agricultural businesses; and

    Whereas, most of these resources are only available in Truro or Annapolis Valley; and

    Whereas, the geographical location of many farms in Cape Breton impedes the utilization of resources located in Truro or Annapolis Valley;

    Therefore, be it resolved, that NSFA lobbies the Nova Scotia Government to promote or improve access to available government resources and programming for remote areas.

05-2021: Condition 23 Endorsement for New Drivers

Whereas, farms across Nova Scotia have been experiencing a shortage of labor; and

Whereas, many farms may have access to part-time work from students; and

Whereas, the need to drive tractors while hauling a load/implement of a combined weight of over 14000Kg is common on today’s farms, and requires a Condition 23 endorsement; and

Whereas, it is not possible to do the exam for the Condition 23 while you are a “New Driver”; and

Whereas, the graduated license program in Nova Scotia takes 4 years before the “New Driver” status can be removed from license;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the NSFA lobbies the Dept. of Transportation to allow new drivers to take the Condition 23 Endorsement exam provided they have already passed a Tractor Handling Safety Course.

06-2021: Increased Funding for Maintenance of Marshlands

Whereas, there has been a lot of unknowns surrounding climate change and tidal flow; and

Whereas, the marshlands are being adversely affected by this uncertainty, as well as ongoing dyke deterioration; and

Whereas, the regular maintenance and upgrades of the infrastructure that is the dykes has been undervalued and underfunded; and

Whereas, the marshlands are some of the most fertile and productive land in our county and are vital to food production and security;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture lobby the provincial government for increased funding in relation to maintenance, repairs and upgrades of marshlands and infrastructure related to marshlands.

And, further be it resolved, that the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture lobby the provincial government to utilize the Agricultural Marshlands Conservation Commission in reviewing the provincial budget.

07-2021: Cost of Liability Insurance

Whereas, in order to promote agriculture, many farming communities provide tours, u-picks, courses, events, community fairs and exhibitions, and other agricultural activities; and

Whereas, the cost of liability insurance is becoming prohibitive for many organizations; and

Whereas, many organizations may have to decline to provide, limit or cancel any activities they wish to have due to the high cost of liability insurance; and

Whereas, this loss will have a significant negative impact on farm income, personal and farm success, and the social well-being of the community;

Therefore, be it resolved, that NSFA should lobby the appropriate provincial government agencies and relevant organizations, and, ask their national federation to lobby the appropriate federal government agencies for actions to resolve this issue;

And, further be it resolved, that in future, liability insurance will be affordable to the agricultural community, either individually or as a blanket policy.

08-2021: Nuisance Starlings

Whereas, we put a lot of time and resources into our crops;

Whereas, having our crops consumed by a wild invasive bird is very deflating;

Whereas, starlings are a nuisance and costly to many commodity groups;

Whereas, starlings are not only a problem to agriculture;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture reach out to other Nova Scotia groups (i.e. homeowners) to join efforts to encourage the Nova Scotia government to mitigate the impact of this specific bird species.

09-2021: NS Seats at the Atlantic Veterinary College

Whereas, large animal veterinary services are critical to the health and welfare of farm animals; and

Whereas, large livestock veterinary services are important to the financial viability of farms province wide; and

Whereas, large livestock vet clinics are experiencing labour shortages, resulting in increased demands on current practicing vets, and which can result in delays in on farm service; and

Whereas, there is a shortage of large livestock vets across the province; and

Whereas, completing a DVM designation can require up to 8 years of post-secondary studies;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the NSFA lobby the Province of Nova Scotia to increase the number of food animal vet seats available to Nova Scotia residents annually at Atlantic Veterinary College to be effective immediately.

10-2021: TFW Employer Supports and Services

Whereas, the Nova Scotia agricultural labour market continues to encounter difficulties finding an adequate supply of local workers; and

Whereas, our agricultural industry’s ability to grow successfully needs a reliable labour force; and

Whereas, our ability to access sufficient Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW’s) and Seasonal Agricultural Workers (SAW’s) to meet labour requirements is becoming increasingly difficult; and

Whereas, our agricultural industry needs an agency to respond to regional needs as well as to assist with securing efficient and economical transportation options;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the NSFA pursue a feasibility study on development an agency that can respond to regional needs and that can assist our agricultural industries in accessing TFW’s and SAW’s.

11-2021: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Whereas, Nova Scotia is a province rich in diversity;

Whereas, the Farm and Workforce Development program is actively working to grow in diversity; and

Whereas, the agriculture sector as a whole is seeking to welcome and create a safe space for people of various backgrounds and beliefs;

Therefore be it resolved that the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture adopt an actionable diversity, equity and inclusion statement.

12-2021: Tracking Assistance on all Limestone Products

Whereas, Nova Scotia lands require limestone to bring soil pH levels up to 6.5 to 7; and

Whereas, fertilizer is expensive and the utilization of nitrogen at 5 to 5.5 pH is only 50%; and

Whereas, when soil pH is less than 6.5 to 7, it has a negative effect on farm income;

Therefore, be it resolved that NSFA lobby the provincial government to pay trucking assistance on all pH-building products with a calcium carbonate equivalent component, based on the percentage of calcium carbonate equivalent in the product.