Voting at NSFA Annual Meeting

“In these unprecedented times” is a phrase that we have heard all too much in 2020, yet, it continues to be relevant as we prepare for our AGM.

Every year, we welcome many people to our AGM – government officials and staff, researchers and of course, members. With the transition of our AGM to a virtual meeting, we were required to come up with a process for voting. Two issues we worked to address were to ensure those who were eligible to vote were able to do so efficiently and secondly, to ensure we maintained the integrity of the one farm one vote rule.

Everybody attending the meeting will be given a Zoom link to access the content. Those who have registered and are eligible to vote will also be given “voting credentials”. If you are the voting member on behalf of your farm, you will receive your login information for the voting app closer to the AGM and will be offered a test ballot to get a sense of what voting will look like.

This means it is CRITICAL that you register early. We have been fairly relaxed in recent years on our registrations, however, to ensure the 2020 AGM runs as smoothly as possible, we are requesting those who will be voting on behalf of their farm to register by November 25, 2020.

You can register by visiting or by calling (902) 893-2293.

See you at the meeting!