Statement: Programs delayed further

Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture is frustrated that the Canadian Agricultural Partnership programs to be accessed by farmers are delayed even further into the growing season.

In the May 31, 2018 edition of All Nova Scotia, an article highlighting the further delay of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Programs was issued. Minister Colwell indicated that NSFA’s only concern around programs was the raise in minimum eligibility from $10,000 in gross farm income to $30,000 and that NSFA was extensively consulted on programs well ahead of the release date for programs.

NSFA and Minister Colwell only met once since programs opened on April 16th. This meeting was held on May 10th after being rescheduled five times by the Minister of Agriculture’s office. At this meeting, NSFA laid out the concerns identified by membership which is the almost 2500 farm families in Nova Scotia. The concerns included eligibility changes with the increase of minimum gross farm income from $10,000 to $30,000; however, changes to eligibility for environmental protection programs, elimination of season extension and delay of research programs were all raised. The latter concerns impact all farms in Nova Scotia, not only those with gross farm income under $30,000. As for Minister Colwell’s surprise that NSFA hadn’t raised concerns during the extensive consultations before programs release, the issues that NSFA raised were not mentioned as potential changes. NSFA was not further consulted since the May 10th meeting and any indication that we have been is false.

In no way did or would NSFA ever recommend for programs to be delayed. NSFA encourages the Minister to reopen programs immediately to allow for farms to make plans to grow their farms and the rural economy.


For more information:
Maxine MacLean
Policy and Communications Coordinator
Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture
Phone: (902) 890-1891

The Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture represents the interests of over 2400 farm families in Nova Scotia. Founded in 1895 to provide Nova Scotia’s farm community with a single voice, the NSFA is the province’s only general farm organization.