Request for Proposal: Public Trust Strategy

The Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture (NSFA) seeks proposals from consultants interested in designing and facilitating the development of a Public Trust Strategy for Nova Scotia agriculture. Proposals are to be submitted by November 29. If there are any questions regarding the RFP they must be asked by November 19 and will be answered by November 22. The estimated project timeline is November 2019 – February 2020.

Program Background

Public trust is a growing initiative and the NSFA believes it is essential to the sustainable future of our agriculture industry. The NSFA delivers Public Trust Programming with funding support from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-territorial-provincial initiative.

Canada’s agriculture and agri-food industry is among the most respected in the world. In fact, Canada is well-known for its ability to produce food products in a responsible and sustainable manner. However, it is also known that consumers are increasingly concerned of the ethical and responsible manner in which their food is grown. According to the 2018 research by the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI) the overall impression of agriculture in Canada decreased from 61% to 55% in the last year, after a steady increase since 2006. This decline is driven by an increase in responses saying they don’t know enough to have an opinion.

The reality is that our population is continuing to out-migrate from rural regions into urbanized centres, which means consumers are further distanced from agriculture and where their food is grown. This is a huge concern for Nova Scotia farmers. In a recent member engagement consultation conducted by the NSFA, public trust ranked as the top issue farmers felt needed to be addressed. Farmers recognize consumers are disconnected from their food, public confidence is decreasing and that there is a need for quality standards for all food production.

Request for Proposal Document