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An update to programs is just around the corner! NSFA wants know what you think. How you can be better supported? What needs to change? What should continue? This information from you will help us inform our asks on the NPF and associated programming.

Upon release of the Guelph Statement, we got an idea of what future program areas are to be expected. Understanding the issues at the farm level and the type of support needed (such as: financial, knowledge and tech transfer, industry research) will help NSFA make recommendations to government on what farmers and the agriculture industry needs to be successful and sustainable.

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Farming has a direct connection to the environment, particularly with soil and water. The impacts of climate change are being felt on farms though there is cautious optimism that agriculture can be part of the solution to reducing climate change. Programs like the Environmental Farm Plan support farms in identifying BMPs that will protect the environment.

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The natural environments that surround farms can have positive and negative effects. One perspective is that nuisance wildlife causes significant damage to crops every year. Another perspective is that certain plant species provide habitat for beneficials like pollinators.

Studies have shown an alarming decline in mental health of farmers across Canada. NSFA and Farm Safety Nova Scotia launched the We Talk. We Grow. campaign in 2021.

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Labour is a complex issue in the agriculture industry. Recruitment of new employees and retaining those already working on farm are needed to narrow the labour gap. Organizations like Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) create templates and resources for farms as well as conduct studies to understand the current labour gap and forecast future labour needs. The Farm and Workforce Development program with NSFA is addressing Nova Scotia farmers’ unique needs by providing access to the tools and resources needed to ensure a sustainable workforce. Farm and Workforce Development is focused on the needs of employers and workers, and actively promotes agriculture as a rewarding career. Along with using those resources, adopting new technologies is another tool farms are using to address the chronic labour shortage.

Whether it be increasing sales within Nova Scotia or establishing new markets across Canada and internationally, there are many avenue Nova Scotia products are sold.

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Research on novel technologies and priorities for agriculture is necessary to move the industry forward. Transferring the knowledge to farms as well as farm level research to demonstrate the application is equally necessary in order to encourage adoption.

Agriculture is a significant user of energy. Using energy sources more efficiently and adopting cleaner technologies are ways that farms can both save on energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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The Business Risk Management Programs, in theory, provide safe guards for farms. Over the years, the enrolment in these programs have dramatically decreased.

The application process, program details and sharing information about programs is an important part of a farms ability to participate in programs. Programs administration includes but not limited to eligibility criteria, information about programs being open, funding cost share with the applicant, eligible expenses and more.

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