Municipal Elections

Are you looking to determine who you will be voting for in the upcoming municipal election?

Municipal elections are to take place on October 17.  With so many municipalities, NSFA isn’t able to highlight region specific issues; however, we have put together information that you can use to ask candidates and help inform your decision.  Many issues that we talk about are federal or provincial in nature, but these issues would benefit from having municipal influence.  The topics below are high level, but remember, the best way to explain an issue is to use your personal experience and tell a story.

Local procurement

Purchasing local is a great way to invest back into the local community.  When you buy local food, your dollar goes back into the local economy – local jobs, local services and local companies.  Implementing a policy with a commitment to purchase locally sourced food and requiring those who use municipal buildings to do the same is a step in the right direction.

Rural infrastructure

High speed internet and cellular service are wide spread issues throughout the municipality.  They impact the ability to efficiently run farms and be competitive with farms in other municipalities.

Agricultural land

The cost of agricultural land is significant.  This can be a barrier to new entrants wanting to farm.  Protecting agricultural land to ensure land is available to farm in the future is as important as ensuring the cost of the agricultural land is affordable for those wishing to farm the land.

For more information on the municipal election in your area, the candidates and more, be sure to check your municipality’s website.