Interested in serving your agriculture community?

NSFA accepting applications for committee vacancies.

NSFA is unveiling a new process that will make way for the broader membership to participate in many NSFA committees. Issues like agricultural land protection, transportation and roadway maintenance, labour gap, skills training and more are all steered by committee work. Members with an interest in participating on a committee will now be able to submit a short application to indicate which committee(s) they would like to sit on. The application is not intended to be onerous and will
provide fair grounds for NSFA to fill vacancies on committees. Members and eligible family members will be able to apply online and vacancies will be posted when the nominating committee issues a call for applications.

Up until present time, NSFA committees were populated (with exception of external appointments) through the Executive Committee and Council of Leaders. The organization has heard from members that this should be changed to allow for broader membership participation. The change is also in line with our attempts to better engage Nova Scotia’s farmers. At the April 2018 Council of Leaders meeting, an action was passed regarding the committee membership policy. Developing an application process for committee membership was one of the asks highlighted by the Nominating Committee. In addition to this, it was requested that there be a one-time addition of one (1) member at large to all standing/special committees to provide opportunity to accommodate existing interest. Lastly, any current Council of Leaders committee designations, crop, livestock or other farmer positions are now identified as “Member at Large” representation on the Terms of Reference.

As NSFA continues to be the one voice for Nova Scotia Farmers, we will strive for an engaged membership as we work together to move the industry forward.