Hurricane Dorian Support

Emergency Support

We are aware there are still farms dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian and some in emergency situations. Nova Scotia’s Emergency Management Office is ready to provide support to those currently in emergency situations impacting animal welfare, crop storage, etc.  – no power, generator failures, challenges accessing fuel for generators, access to reefer trucks, etc.

If any of the above scenarios apply to you please contact your Regional Emergency Management Coordinator or email

  • Farm name/contact person
  • Your civic address
  • Your phone number
  • What support do you require – generator, fuel, reefer trucks?

EMO will make every effort to support you in getting you fuel, back-up generators, etc.

Power Outage

If you are still out of power, ensure that your power outage is reported to Nova Scotia power by calling 1.877.428.6004 or reporting via the Online Outage Centre. If it is not registered on their outage map, they are not aware you are without power.

Farm Family Support Line

This is a tough time for many farmers – be sure to check on your family, friends and neighbours.  The Farm Family Support Line is a resource providing professional services available to you at no cost – 1.844.880.9142.

The NSFA will be following up with an impact survey over the next week to gain a better understanding of the needs of our members.