Below are links to many information sheets and literature on various environmental topics. If you are looking for information on a certain topic and cannot find it please contact us with your request.


Minimum Separation Distances and Riparian Zones
A Guide to Agricultural Best Management Practices Within Municipal Drinking Water Supplies in NS (NEW)
Where to Find Your Property’s Parcel ID Number (PID)
Environmental Regulations Handbook for NS Agriculture
List of Consulting Engineers

Riparian Zones, Hedgerows, Shelterbelts & Biodiversity

Beneficial Management Practices for Riparian Zones in Atlantic Canada (
Shelterbelts: A Growing Investment
Stream Bank Protection Final Report
Enhancing Wildlife and Biodiversity
Farming for Bees Guidelines
Nests for Native Bees
NS Natural Resources factsheets on Living with Wildlife

Wells and Water Quality

UV Lights for Drinking Water (NEW)

Well Construction, Water Quality & Use (NEW)
NSDA Animal and Plant Lab Information (water testing)
Lab Tests for Water Quality
Well Water Quality Concerns
Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines
Disinfection of Water Wells by Chlorination
Blue Green Algae


Stream Bank Protection Final Report
Farm Ponds

Waste Management

Constructed Wetlands – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Constructed Wetlands – Atlantic Committee on Land and Engineering
Vegetated Infiltration Areas for the Management of Milkhouse Wastewater
Collecting Vacuum Pump Exhaust Oil
Septic Systems
Agricultural Sharps – Regional Disposal Map

Nutrient Management

Nutrient Management Plans
Manure Spreader Calibration
Using Intensive Rotational Grazing: Beef
Improving Pastures by Overseeding Legumes
Calibration of Fertilizer Application Equipment On-Farm
Liming Pastures
Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium for Pastures
Pasture Fertility on a Budget
Guidelines for Land Application and Storage of Municipal Biosolids in Nova Scotia (pdf)
NSDA Animal and Plant Lab Information (soil, plant tissue, compost, etc)

Manure and Compost Management

Manure Management Guidelines
Manure Management through Composting
On-Farm Livestock Mortality Management
On-Farm Bin Composting of Deadstock OMAFRA
Natural Rendering: Composting Livestock Mortalities and Butcher Waste
On-farm Composting of Mink Manure


On-Farm Pesticide Use
Tree-Row-Volume: concept, calculations and application
Air-Blast Sprayer Calibration for Orchards and Vineyards
Field Sprayer Calibration
Nozzle Selection for Blueberry Growers
Choosing Drift-Reducing Nozzles
Selecting the Correct Nozzle to Reduce Spray Drift
Pesticide Storage and Handling
Pesticide license
Pesticide Spill Kit Labels
Applying PRONONE 10G With an Earthway Ev-N-Spread Crank Spreader


Farm Fuel Storage and Handling


Soil Conservation Practices
Farm Drainage in the Atlantic Provinces
Shelterbelts: A Growing Investment
No-till Alternative for Nova Scotia Producers
Building Soils for Better Crops
Evaluation of Subsoiling
The Effect of Subsoiling and Drainage Treatments
Soil Conservation in Nova Scotia
Dykeland Land Forming
Surface Drainage
Subsurface Drainage

Cover Crops

Managing Cover Crops Profitably
Cover Crops Decision Tool
Links to Cover Crop Resources
Webinar: Innovative No-Till: Using Multi-Species Cover Crops to Improve Soil Health
Overview of Cover Crops and Green Manures
Rye as a Cover Crop (ATTRA)
New and Experimental Cover Cropping Systems in Wisconsin
A Guide to Using Cover Crops in the Maritimes
Information on Cover Crops (OMAFRA)


What you should know about Irrigation Water Quality Safety
Irrigation Water Management for Farmers
Irrigation Systems Types and Typical Applications
Trickle Irrigation: How long do I trickle?
Soil Moisture Monitoring (ATTRA)
Monitoring Soil Moisture to Improve Irrigation Decisions – OMAFRA

Livestock Watering

Livestock Watering Systems for Pastures
Electric Fencing for Pastures
Providing Water with Limited Access Ramps
Solar Powered Pumping Systems for Livestock Watering
Water Quality Impact of Cattle Access to Watercourses
Remote Winter Watering Systems for Beef Cattle

Livestock Feeding

Silage Seepage

Fly Management

Integrated Fly Management for Livestock Farms
Fly Control in Dairy Cattle and Beef Operations
Fly Control in Mink Operations
Fly Control in Poultry Operations


Farm Energy Resource Kit
Efficiency NS – Agricultural Technologies
Farm Energy NS – Dairy – Refrigeration Heat Recovery factsheet
Farm Energy NS – Dairy – Vacuum Pumps factsheet
Using Less Energy on Dairy Farms (OMAFRA)
Improving Energy Efficiency in Livestock Facilities (OMAFRA)
Energy Efficiency, Conservation and Management (OMAFRA)
Green Energy Generation (OMAFRA)


Siting and Management of Hog Farms in Nova Scotia – 2000
ATTRA Website
Managing Pasture for Profit

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