Nova Scotia Environmental Farm Plans are confidential, practical, available at no cost to the farm, and is available to all registered farms.
Environmental Farm Plans need to be updated every 5 years and are required for some provincial funding applications.

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Initial Review

Individual Environmental Farm Plans in Nova Scotia are updated every 5 years. Your Initial Review will consist of an on-farm visit. A Coordinator will visit your farm, ask you some questions and have you lead them on a tour of your property. Your Coordinator will point out areas of environmental risk and discuss recommendations with you during your visit. After your visit, you will receive an EFP binder in the mail that will contain your report (along with your Appendix A: Risk Ratings and Appendix B: Action Plan) and some information sheets selected for you individually.


After your Initial Review, your assigned Coordinator will be available to you for questions and consultation. Your farm  plan will need to be updated every 5 years. When your farm plan is due for an update, your Coordinator will contact you and schedule a follow-up visit. During the follow-up visit, your Coordinator and you will discuss your future project goals, reassess your environmental risk ratings and your efforts on your Action Plan. Following this visit, your Coordinator will send you an updated report with new Appendices to reflect changes on your farm.

Is my Farm Plan UTD?

Not sure if your plan is up to date? Reach out to your Coordinator at anytime to check on the status of your farm plan, keep your plan up to date with changes, or schedule follow-ups.

EFP OFFICE: 1-902-893-2293
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