For the last 10 years we have celebrated some of Nova Scotia’s environmental stewards, recognizing their dedication and commitment to protecting our environment; through the Environmental Stewardship Award. This award was established to highlight Nova Scotia farmers who make soil, water and habitat stewardship a significant part of their farm operations.

Environmental stewardship is not only essential to the success and sustainability of our industry but it is our social responsibility to ensure our practices have a positive impact on the place we call home. The NSFA has been a strong supporter of environmental stewardship for decades – we have supported the enhancement of environmental practices through various projects and programs over the years including, the delivery of the Environmental Farm Plan.

We are, however, especially proud of the Environmental Stewardship Award because it is the work of the farmers that truly contributes to the success and sustainability of our industry. Our hope is that this booklet will spark your interest, that a project done by one of the farms in this book is something you’d like to see replicated on your own farm. Have a look at the initial practices recognized in this booklet and you will see how far our industry has progressed in just one decade.

In Nova Scotia and across Canada, environmental stewardship is something we all strive towards on our farms.

We welcome you to join us in celebrating 10 of our dedicated environmental stewards in this showcase year.



2009 – vanOostrum Farms

2010 – Manning Family Farm

2011 – W.G. Oulton & Sons Ltd.

2012 -Upperbrook Farm

2013 – Wild Rose Farm

2014 – Out to Pasture Farm

2015 – Winding River Farms Ltd.

2016 – Hillsdale Fur Farm

2017 – Willow Pond Farm

2018 – Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards


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