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COVID-19 Financial Supports

COVID-19 has had significant impacts on the agriculture industry and farms are currently facing difficult decisions on whether crops should be planted, whether it be to future market demand or the lack of labour to harvest the crop. As the voice of Nova Scotia farmers, NSFA plays an integral role in advocating on behalf of the industry and lobbying the government to ensure they prioritize the industry during these challenging times. 

Advocacy Efforts

To date, the Nova Scotia government has released the COVID-19 Agriculture Response Program which addresses a number of challenges currently faced by the industry. When reviewing the new program, NSFA identified a few areas where farmers still need support:

Access to PPE

  • Access to PPE on farms is a growing concern as the economy across Canada begins to open. In addition to increased PPE requirements due to COVID-19, many farms required the use of common PPE like N95 masks for tasks on farm like cleaning barns to keep themselves, their workers and livestock healthy. 
  • Ask: NSFA is asking NSDA to request that PPE in the province be prioritized for agriculture workers after the needs of health care providers are met. 


  • The strain of closing schools is felt by families across Nova Scotia and this is no different for farm families with school aged children at home.  
  • Ask: NSFA is recommending that childcare be an eligible expense under the COVID-19: Agriculture Response Program.

Labour Shortage – Crop and Livestock Insurance

  • The labour gap is even more unpredictable this year as delays are experienced through the Temporary Foreign Worker program.  Typically speaking, farms require more labour during harvest in comparison to planting and cropping.  Though a farm may have enough labour to put in a crop, border restrictions may very well expand the already extensive labour gap at harvest time.
  • Ask: Identifying labour shortage as an insurable peril under Crop and Livestock Insurance.

You can find more details on the COVID-19 Agriculture Response Program below.

COVID-19 Mitigation and Adaptation for Health Protocol
Applicants are eligible for 75% funding assistance on total eligible project costs to a maximum of $50,000 per program year, for activities which encourage compliance with recommended health protocols. Examples for applications include: adherence to recommended physical distancing, sanitation procedures, etc.
COVID-19 Marketing, Product Movement and Distribution
Agriculture companies and registered Nova Scotia farms as applicants are eligible for 50% funding assistance on total eligible project costs to a maximum of $20,000 per project.
COVID-19 Strategic Projects
Initiatives at a sector or industry level will be reviewed for funding on an individual basis. If they are deemed to meet the objectives of the Program, they will be assessed on an individual merit, impact and reach basis.
COVID-19 Abattoir Efficiency and Development
Applicants are eligible for 75% funding assistance on total eligible project costs to a maximum of $50,000 per program year.

Below you fill find the eligible and ineligible expenses for these programs.

Eligible Expenses
• activities designed to assist with the marketing, movement and distribution of product;
• activities designed to provide mental health support;
• activities which encourage compliance with recommended health protocols (e.g., adherence to recommended physical distancing, sanitation procedures, etc.);
• assistance to address marketing challenges by implementing solutions using technology (e.g., secure ecommerce, technology to host remote meetings, etc.);
• capital expenditures, materials and/or supplies identified as essential to move through the business interruption created by COVID-19;
• training on COVID-19 protocols; and
• other projects, activities, or items that are demonstrated to be needed to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on maintaining competitiveness, productivity, or profitability
Ineligible Expenses
These include but are not limited to:
• administrative / general overhead;
• HST;
• in-kind contributions;
• operating expenses / existing staff salaries;
• tools;
• training and related courses; and
• used equipment and materials.

Click here for program guidelines (PDF)

Click here for application form (PDF)


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