Updated September 23, 2021

Supporting Nova Scotia Farms, Agri-Businesses and Seafood Companies

The Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture, Perennia and the Nova Scotia Departments of Agriculture and Fisheries and Aquaculture are working together to support agriculture and seafood companies in successfully completing the mandatory 14-day isolation period of temporary foreign workers, arriving in Nova Scotia via the SAWP and TFW streams.

Perennia is the primary contact to support employers through the isolation period and will act as the liaison to help employers ensure compliance with all provincial requirements. Additionally, Perennia books hotel accommodations for the worker isolations on behalf of employers.

The NSFA takes an active role in supporting employers by ensuring all required resources and templates are available for use during isolation and beyond. The NSFA is the voice of Nova Scotia farmers and takes an active role in advocating on various issues impacting temporary foreign workers and their employers.

As the employer, the process you follow for arranging your workers for the seasons remains the same – whether it be through F.A.R.M.S., another provider or own your own.  The support provided by Perennia is to help prepare you for your arrival of workers in Nova Scotia in compliance with the Guidance for Temporary Foreign Workers employed in the Agriculture and Seafood Sectors document.

Perennia Food and Agriculture
(for topics involving the 14-day isolation period)
Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture (NSFA)
Sara Bone
Main office: 902-678-7722 ext 3 or Toll Free 1-877-710-5210 ext 3
Cell phone:  902-300-4710
Email:  sbone@perennia.ca  and co copy tfw@perennia.ca

Perennia’s COVID-19 webpage

Carolyn Van Den Heuvel
Cell phone:  902-318-8977
Email:  cvandenheuvel@nsfa-fane.ca 
Applicable Legislation

There are both federal and provincial requirements relating to the isolation period of temporary foreign workers. It is your responsibility as the employer to ensure that you and your workers understand your requirements under this legislation. Your responsibility and liability as employers are significant. In turn, so are the consequences of non-compliance.

Most Recent Health Protection Order by the Medical Officer of Health

Guidance for Temporary Foreign Workers Employed in the Agriculture and Seafood Sectors

Guidance for Employers of TFWs on COVID-19

Workers Preparing to Come to Nova Scotia

We have developed a welcome back video that will provide your workers with a brief overview of what to expect when they arrive in Nova Scotia, what their isolation will look like this year, and what the Public Health guidelines are. The videos have been uploaded to our Youtube channel for easy sharing, and are available in English and Spanish. Please feel free to share with your workers prior to their arrival.

Click here for English video.

Click here for Spanish video. 

Switch Health

Switch Health is only applicable to those workers coming in through a major airport and not flying direct to Halifax.  Workers traveling through a major airport will be tested by Switch Health at that airport and you will require an account.

Switch Health has a dedicated TFW line ready to answer questions and concerns.

Please call 1-888-511-4501 if after being ALL SET you still feel an Account Manager is the best solution for you. Alternatively, you can email Switch Health directly at: tfw-canada@switchhealth.ca and make your request. Click here to learn how to setup an account. 


There are additional Federal requirements this year for workers and they must complete the following before coming to Canada:

ArriveCAN Posters:



During the Isolation Period

Workers are required to complete their two-week isolation period in single occupancy hotel rooms with their own bathroom.

Recognizing the additional, unplanned cost of this revised isolation requirement, the provincial government is working to cover the cost of hotel isolation, including both the accommodations and food. Perennia will continue to coordinate tracking of arrivals and will now book hotel accommodations on behalf of employers.

Employers must check-in with their employees each day – via phone, text or while maintaining 2m distancing.  Employers must track their check-ins using the COVID-19 Health Screening Log.

Workers are required to complete their COVID-19 Daily Health Screening Form, be sure to check with the hotel and ensure these forms are in each room. COVID-19 Daily Health Screening Form for Worker Click here for Spanish

Workers must also complete their daily check-in through the ArriveCAN app or by calling 1-833-641-0343.

Picking Up Workers From Hotel

After discussions with our hotel partners, we are asking that you please touch base with the hotel that your workers are completing their isolation at to discuss pickup. Coordinating and scheduling a time with the hotel will allow for a smoother pickup process and limit the risk of exposure in the hotel lobby.

All workers will need to have confirmation of negative test results from the Day 12 test and are not experiencing any COVID related symptoms, before they can check out.

Given the increase in COVID-19 restrictions across the province, and especially in the HRM, we have received a number of questions when it comes to pickup workers. Please note that picking up workers would be considered essential travel, and you will be able to go and get your workers at their isolation facilities. However, this must be a straight trip, to the hotel and back, no other stops can be made.

After Isolation

Your workers have completed the isolation period – hopefully without any complications.  As your workers return to work, it will be important to educate them on all health and safety requirements on the farm. Farm Safety Nova Scotia has collected and prepared a number of resources to support you in ensuring the health and safety of your farm, your families and your workers. Please visit the Farm Safety Nova Scotia COVID-19 Resources page for further resources to support you post-isolation.

It is also important to note, that farms employing Temporary Foreign Workers should expect an inspection from the Occupational Health and Safety Division of the Department of Labour and Advanced Education following the isolation period.  This inspection will be focused specifically on COVID-19 related protocols and will follow the Inspection Checklist found here. All efforts will be made by OHS Officers to contact the farm in advance to arrange a visit time. If you have any questions or concerns with your inspection, please contact Lori Brookhouse, Farm Safety Advisor for support.

Supporting Documents

The following documents have been collected or developed by Farm Safety Nova Scotia in an effort to support you in ensuring the health and safety of your farm, your families and your workers. Please visit the Farm Safety Nova Scotia COVID-19 Resources page for further resources.

Please share the following information document with your worker. It provides a basic overview of the situation and key contacts for them.

Information for TFWs  –  Click here for Spanish

Emergency Contact Information

Health Screening

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Symptoms and treatment

 COVID-19 Daily Health Screening Form for Worker Click here for Spanish

COVID-19 Daily Health Screening Log for Employer

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures  – Click here for Spanish

Disinfectants Info SheetClick here for Spanish

Hard-surface disinfectants and hand sanitizers (COVID-19): List of hard-surface disinfectants

Posters & Fact Sheets

Self-Isolation Infographic (Click here for Spanish)

Social Distancing Best Practices(Click here for Spanish)

Hand Washing Poster    (Click here for Spanish)

Hand Sanitizer Info Sheet  (Click here for Spanish)

Stop the Spread of Germs Infographic   (Click here for Spanish)

Wearing a Mask Infographic  (Click here for Spanish)

Physical Distancing Poster    (Click here for Spanish)

Removing Gloves Infographic  (Click here for Spanish)


COVID-19 Vaccine “What you need to know” Factsheet

These are available in nine different language’s, you can find them on the Nova Scotia government’s website here.

Vaccine Information Sheets

Contact us for a copy of the vaccine information sheets and consent forms – available in English and Spanish.

Vaccine Videos Developed by Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Growers
It is important to share vaccine information from trusted sources to ensure workers can make informed decisions and have confidence in the vaccination process. The following have been adapted from the Public Health Agency of Canada, Public Health Ontario and the World Health Organization.

Click here to view the available resources.

COVID-19 Explained – Videos Developed by Nova Scotia Government, Public Health, and Dalhousie Faculty of Health

Answering commonly asked questions about COVID-19 in Nova Scotia. Click here to view the video library.

Spanish Vaccine Resources from the Public Health Agency of Canada

There are more resources coming (included videos) and as they are available, they will be added to this page under “Vacunación”: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/awareness-resources/spanish.html

Booking for Workers
If you don’t have a Nova Scotia Health Card you can still receive the vaccine, even if you’re not a permanent resident of Nova Scotia, this includes temporary foreign workers.

You can only book an appointment for your workers when their age group becomes eligible based on Nova Scotia’s COVID-19 immunization plan. You can only book an appointment by phone. When you book the appointment, 1st and 2nd dose appointments are booked together.

If they received their first dose outside of Nova Scotia they’re not able to book an appointment for their second dose. Nova Scotia is looking at a process for people who only need to receive their second dose and will share information on the process when available.

When your workers arrive at their appointment, they will need to provide government-issued identification from their home country and 1 additional piece of supporting documentation.

Below are a few examples of the required supporting documentation:

  • utility bill that shows the address of where they’re staying in Nova Scotia
  • letter from an occupant of the residence where they’re staying in Nova Scotia confirming your stay
  • proof of work in Nova Scotia (for example, letter from employer or pay stub)
  • work permit (showing location by province or territory and their name and date of birth)
To book appointment by phone, call toll-free: 1-833-797-7772 (7 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week).
Accessing Vaccine Records
For those without a Canadian health card, you can call 1-833-797-7772 to request their vaccine receipt.
Funding Supports
COVID-19 Exit Tests

Please check entry testing requirements of workers home countries frequently as things can change.  You can find this information on the Air Canada Website.

Test Kits can be picked up at one of the following locations during regular business hours – but please call or email ahead to let them know how many tests you require and when you will be stopping by!

Annapolis Valley Area – Perennia Office – 28 Aberdeen Street, Kentville – please contact Sara Bone to arrange pick up time and # of tests needed.

Email:  sbone@perennia.ca

Phone: 902.678.7722

Cell: 902.300.4710

Northern Region – Nova Scotia Dept of Agriculture – Harlow Building – 176 College Rd, Bible Hill   Please contact Rachael Cheverie Rachael.cheverie@novascotia.ca  902-324-2178 to arrange pick up and # of tests needed.

Eastern Region – Nova Scotia Dept of Agriculture Regional Offices

Antigonish – 90 Beech Hill Road,  Antigonish – Contact Victoria Simpson to arrange for pick up and # of tests needed.   victoria.simpson@novascotia.ca  902-863-4705

Sydney – Suite 32-360 Prince St., Provincial Bldg. 3rd Floor, Sydney, – Contact Ardith Fillmore to arrange pick up and # of tests needed.  ardith.fillmore@novascotia.ca  902-563-2000

Western Region – Nova Scotia Dept of Agriculture Regional Offices

Cornwallis – 173 Haida St., Cornwallis Park, NS  – Contact Gina Chapelhow  to arrange for pick up and # of tests needed.  Gina.Chapelhow@novascotia.ca  902-638-2395

Lunenburg – 312 Green Street, Lunenburg – Contact Ross MacNeil to arrange for pick up and # of tests needed.   Ross.MacNeil@novascotia.ca  902-521-5409

Register individual test kits for each worker by scanning the unique QR code in each test kit on your mobile device *just before taking the test – the test results will show the time of registration NOT when tests are dropped off at the lab*.   You will need to use another identifier other than Health Card to register.   We have been using Work Permit numbers (9 digit number that starts with a U).    Make sure names are spelled as on their passports and tests should be performed and dropped off as close to 72 hours before flight departure time as possible to give adequate time for the lab to process the results.


Completed tests need to be dropped off at your nearest Provincial COVID Testing Site within 6 hours of completing the test – please look up your closest site and operation hours prior to taking the test.  You can find this information here.

***Put each individual’s registration numbers clearly labeled with their name and DOB in a safe place as you will need this info to access the test results – if you lose this number, there is no way to retrieve the results and travel bookings may have to be changed.  We recommend taking a photo of these numbers as a back up. *** 

Additional Links and Resources
Public Relations/Public Trust

Welcome Back!

The 2021 season is upon us! Inspired by L’Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA), the NSFA and Meet Your Farmer have developed a poster and a number of social media posts. The goal of this mini campaign is to welcome back our workers, while educating the public on the COVID -19 rules and regulations they follow and their importance to our industry. If you would like to put the poster in your local community, or share the social media posts we have developed, you are more than welcome to!


Social Media Graphic #1

Social Media Graphic #2

Social Media Graphic #3

Social Media Graphic #4