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The objective of the Agriculture Sector Program is to explore, monitor, and support the needs of the industry by navigating the areas of labour, human resources, attraction and retention, skills development, education and training, career promotion, and succession planning.

Education & Training

Canadian Agriculture Human Resource Council (CAHRC) AgriHR Toolkit
The AgriHR Toolkit is designed to address the unique needs of the agriculture industry. Based on years of research and field testing conducted in Canada and internationally, this toolkit offers everything you need to improve your people-management skills and develop key resources to help you find, retain, and support your employees. Contact us today for a discount code to get free access!
Farm Technician Apprenticeship
The development of the Farm Tech Apprenticeship stems from a NSFA policy which identifies the lack of skilled labour as a critical issue for Nova Scotia farms. Once the Farm Technician trade is designated, farms will be able to enroll existing employees that are interested in enhancing their skills. Apprenticeship is a form of post-secondary education for both young and mature individuals who want to be certified to work in a skilled trade. It is a combination of on‑the‑job and technical training where skilled trades’ professionals (certified journeypersons) pass on knowledge and skills to learners (apprentices). Click here to learn more.
Workplace Education
Give the NSFA office a call at 1-902-893-2293 to learn when and where you can access these programs.
NS Skills Online
SkillsonlineNS is a partnership between Nova Scotia’s Department of Labour and Advanced Education, CBDC & Bluedrop that gives every resident of the province access to thousands of FREE online courses on the most important workplace topics to improve their skills and career prospects.

HR & Labour

Youth Employment Programs – COVID-19 Adaptations
Job Postings
On this page we will post any job postings we have received. If you have an employment opportunity on your farm or agri-business, please send us the details ( and we will post it here for you. If you are applying for one of these postings, please do so in the manner specified, the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture will not forward your resume and is not responsible for any of the information within these postings.
Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program
Hire a temporary worker through the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program
Temporary Foreign Worker Program
Hire a temporary worker through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program
International Experience Canada
Work and travel in Canada with International Experience Canada

Succession Planning

Farm Succession Portal
Canada’s first interactive succession planning tool for farms


Co-Operative Education Incentive
The Co-op Education Incentive (CO-OP) provides wage assistance to organizations that offer career-related work experiences for university and college co-operative students. The program helpers employers higher post secondary students for co-operative education work placements. Students must be enrolled in a Nova Scotia university or college that has a co-operative education program.
Graduate to Opportunity
Offered by LAE, graduate to opportunity (GTO) aims to build a stronger workforce which will help retain young people graduating in nova Scotia with a salary incentive that will open more jobs. By applying to this subsidiary the Nova Scotia government will cover a portion of the graduates salary for the first two years.
Innovate to Opportunity
Innovate to opportunity (ITO) provides an incentive to hire recent masters and PhD grads for jobs focused on research and innovation. The program is aimed to help businesses become more innovative and help prepare to expand exports by creating new positions for recent well-educated graduates.
Apprenticeship START Program
The START program aims to encourage employers to hire Nova Scotians who require work experience who are ready-to-work. Financial Incentives will be provided based on type of employment and skill level of the employee.
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has programs and services to help Canadian farmers and businesses produce the best possible food and agriculture products. Through our programs and services we support innovation, sustainable farming, business development, managing risk, trade and market development.
Canadian Business Network
The Canada Business Network provides resources and information to help Canadians get their businesses going and growing. Visit the Canada Business Network web page for wage subsidy programs that may apply to your business.
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
ACOA programs has a number of Business development programs focused in different sectors such as technology adoption, market development, innovation and productivity of business skills initiative. The productivity and Business Skills Initiative provides financial assistance up to 75 per cent of the eligible costs. The ACOA programs would be beneficial to Atlantic Canadian businesses that are small to medium sized that are in need of efficiency, product quality and environmental management plans.
National Research Council of Canada
The National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) provides advice, connections, and funding to help Canadian small and medium-sized businesses increase their innovation capacity and take ideas to market.


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