2021 Farm Registration

Farm Registration packages for 2021 are in the mail this week. 

Please be prepared to provide Proof of Farming Income with your renewal documents. This proof of income will ensure that farms are registering in the correct categories.

New for 2021: The income verification process has been automated with the Canada Revenue Agency for farms that operate as sole-proprietors or partnerships.  This will eliminate the need for the submission of additional information for these farms.  On the renewal form, you will be asked to report line 9659 from your Statement of Farming Activities (form T2042).  There is also a new section for you to provide your Social Insurance Number, date of birth and your signature to authorize the verification with CRA.

For Corporations, you will still be required to verify gross farm income by submitting the appropriate section of  the Income Statement Information – Schedule 125 – Farm Revenue (Line 9659), or AgriStability/AgriInvest – Statement A – Corporation/Co-Operative (Line 9950). All of the options that were available last year are still available.

If you have not been claiming farm income on your income tax, or you are a new entrant – please submit an application without the requested forms and you will be contacted directly by the Farm Registration Office.

For specific questions relating to your farm registration, please contact the Farm Registration Office at 902-893-6377.