What is CTAG?

The Competitive Transition Analysis Group (CTAG), a joint committee of the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture (NSFA) and the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture (NSDA), was mandated by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture to recommend how current and future NSDA programs and services should be aligned to support the Competitive Transition Framework, a framework focused on three economic principles:

i) transitional support, ii) strategic public investment and iii) public goods and services.

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The end of January this report was presented to both the NSFA Executive and the NSDA Directors, if you’d like to have a look at the power point presentation given, click here.

This group has produced a very detailed report that is available for download, if you need a hardcopy mailed to you, please contact the NSFA office. Full report (pdf – 500kb)

To read the recommendations of this report, click here.

Committee Members:

  • Gerald Post, NSDA
  • Jill Rogers, NSDA
  • Henry Vissers, NSFA
  • Beth Densmore, NSFA