Agri-Futures Nova Scotia needs our support

Agri-Futures Nova Scotia (AFNS) has been administering adaptation funding (currently the CAAP program and the predecessor programs CARD and ACAAF) in this province since 1995. The Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture would like to bring to your attention to the fact that the federal government has made the decision that future adaptation programs will be administered from a central office after the end of the current CAAP program in March 2014.

With this decision as good as final, Agri-Futures Nova Scotia is planning for the future and have asked the Nova Scotia government to consider Agri-Futures Nova Scotia as a third party delivery agent for any federal programming that may be available in the future. (such as non BRM funding within the upcoming Growing Forward Two (GF2))  The Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture supports the work of Agri-Futures Nova Scotia and has sent a letter to Minister of Agriculture, John MacDonell suggesting that Agri-Futures could be a very effective asset to assist the province in the delivery of  future program funding.

Call to Action…

We encourage commodity associations and members of the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture to send their own letters of support to the provincial government in support of future opportunities for Agri-Futures Nova Scotia and the regional delivery of programs.

Feel free to use our template, Letter to support AFNS Opportunities

If you would like to send it to your MLA as well as the Minister of Agriculture, please find the contact information here

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