Background on the Industry Survey

From August 20-23rd, 2012, Councils met in Shediac, NB for the Annual Issues & Opportunities meetings where future scenarios and possibilities were discussed and councils started the process of preparing regional and national action plans of the Agricultural Industry Councils to serve the agricultural community.  In preparation for this meeting, a survey was sent to the Agricultural Industry to seek input.

Results from the Surveys not only provided Councils with novel ideas but reinforced the importance of the Councils for the Agriculture and Agri-Food Industry. The skills and acquired expertise of the Councils were noted to be of great value to survey participants. The Directors were noted to be one of the key strengths of Councils as they have a direct link to the industry and decisions are made based on solid due diligence (spending funds as if it were their own).

In the Atlantic Provinces, Industry Councils have had one purpose since inception – that is: To deliver adaptation funding for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.  The close association amongst Atlantic Councils was noted and unique in that Councils don’t ‘answer’ to each other but have strong alliances and communications between themselves. This has been demonstrated by the strong usage of Collective Outcome funding through the previous 3 adaptation programs delivered.

As a result of the surveys, it was clear that Councils had to diversify and it was also concluded that the Councils needed to show leadership and design new models of operations for Councils – one that is more fluid and adaptive to regional needs. The skill set of Councils was one that was noted to be adaptable to other industries and sectors and it was agreed that our services should be offered to other interconnected industry sectors and other government departments.

By designing and developing other services not dependent on government funding, Councils can better utilize the experience and expertise that has been built up over time.

The development plan is just starting to be formed and Councils still want to do what they have been best known for – that is to deliver funding to industry in Nova Scotia in combination with other avenues that are being sought.

It now seems apparent that there are three groups of funding to be delivered through GF2. Agri-Futures Nova Scotia is in hopes that the Province of Nova Scotia might ask for the non BRM funding, if funneled through the Provinces, be delivered through 3rd party Industry Councils who have successfully delivered programming based on regional industry need for the past 16 years.

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