Summary of General Survey Results

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Note:  Quebec Council had just completed another survey to industry regarding strategic directions for the future and this survey was not sent to their industry due to the risk in the surveys being confused. 

  • Close to 10% of responses were from Nova Scotia
  • While most participants were from the Primary Agricultural Sector, various other sectors were accounted for including a strong percentage of General farm organizations as well which is representative of Industry Leaders across Canada
  • There was a good range of participants based on age categories
  • It was almost unanimous that Council delivery of program delivery was supported
  • Respondents had received funding from both centralized delivery and Council delivered programming in the past
  • Respondents who had received Council delivered strongly agreed in every category that there remained value in maintaining council delivery of programming for government
  • More than 75% of respondents felt that councils filled a very important role in stimulating innovation and adaptation in agriculture
  • Access to resources and research funding was the biggest impact noted by respondents and local expertise combined with industry expertise was the second highest combined key impacts that respondents noted of Councils
  • Almost 75% of respondents felt that the loss of Council delivery of programming would result in a major impact
  • The majority of respondents were optimistic about the future of the Agriculture and Food Industry in their province or Territory
  • The biggest challenges facing the agriculture and food sector was the market itself, funding, costs and the industry itself
  • The biggest opportunities facing the agriculture and food sector were initiatives aimed at the green/organic and local categories, industry innovation and value added products

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