2017 Provincial Election


On May 30th, Nova Scotians will be going to the polls to elect the next provincial government.  NSFA will be hosting a panel of candidates on May 23rd.  The event will be broadcasted over Facebook Live.  Questions can be posted on the NSFA Facebook page or directed to the NSFA office.

Here are some topics to bring up when you meet with candidates on the campaign trail:

Agricultural Land

Agricultural land is imperative to the existence of the agriculture industry in Nova Scotia.  Agricultural land is a resource that if maintained, will support the growth of an important industry in Nova Scotia and in particular the rural regions of the province.  While the province has a Statement of Provincial Interest around the consideration of Agricultural Land when municipal plans are developed, the statement doesn’t go on to identify a quantity or proportion of land that must be reserved for agriculture.

How will your government ensure land is maintained for future generations working in agriculture?

Rural Infrastructure

Agriculture is an industry that is rural by nature.  Much of rural Nova Scotia is underserviced in key business aspects.  Cellular service and broadband internet are required to access markets, food safety systems and most importantly for safety of those working on farms.  Transportation is another key component of a farm business operation.  The disrepair of rural roads leads to costly repairs of damaged equipment, lower valued bruised produce and safety concerns such as overgrown ditches impairing visibility when turning onto the road from a farm or field.  Key infrastructure for agriculture includes aboiteau and abattoirs.  Aboiteau protect thousands of acres of fertile agricultural land.  Abattoirs support Nova Scotia’s strong livestock sectors; however, a deficit has been identified in the province.

What will your party do to ensure farms in Nova Scotia have access to the required infrastructure to sustain the agricultural industry?


With Growing Forward 2 coming to an end in March 2018, now is the time to start talking about what needs to be done to ensure that the Next Policy Framework is administered in such a way that is favourable to farmers and the growth of the Agriculture Industry in Nova Scotia.  Federal delivery of AgriStability has proved to be ineffective.  Provincial delivery of AgriStability would recognize the unique nature of the diversity of Nova Scotia’s Agriculture industry.  Additionally, the current delivery model of provincial programs isn’t favourable for farmers.  Farmers have requested for programs to remain open for a year.  Under the current agreement, farmers are able to access $15,000 per year for five years under Homegrown Success.  If a farm was able to access one time of $75,000, larger projects would be able to be undertaken on the farm.

What will your party do to revamp program delivery?



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