Farm Registration Renewals

Farm Registration is renewed annually on April 1st. If you have previously registered your farm, you should receive registration renewal documents from the Department of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations. Farmers need to update any information and complete the remaining sections.

Check the box in Section 5 to ensure your NSFA membership and fill in your affiliated County. There is no additional charge for your NSFA membership and a portion of your fee will be returned to your local County Federation to support their work.

If you are registering a new farm business, please see the Registration Forms section of this website. 

 What are the benefits of registering my farm?

  • Access to farm assistance programs (EFP, AgriStability, Homegrown Success)
  • Access to veterinary services and herd health
  • No tax on marked diesel fuel
  • Zero taxation on farm land

What are the benefits of being a member of NSFA?

  • Newsletters and Reports
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Access to staff and office resources
  • Services and promotions

What does the Federation do for me?

  • Recognized voice of agriculture
  • Public policy
  • Research
  • Legislative and regulatory reviews
  • ‘Watchdog’ and lobby group
  • Linkage to National issues