Quick Facts About Our Industry

The combined farm gate value of agricultural products produced on Nova Scotia’s farms in 2002 was $420 million. These farm gate sales support a food industry valued at $1.6 billion annually.

Nova Scotia has 3900 census farms producing food and fibre on 400 thousand acres of improved agricultural land. Two thousand registered farm businesses account for over 95% of our agricultural production.

Our agricultural economy directly employs over 9000 Nova Scotians; another 5000 work supporting the industry beyond the farm gate. Taking into account the 25,000 other Nova Scotians who work in the food service sector, our, agri-food industry provides employment for approximately 10% of Nova Scotia’s work force.

In 2001 our farmers purchased $343 million worth of goods and services to operate their businesses. Ninety four percent or $322 million was spent purchasing goods and services from other Nova Scotian businesses.

Farmers have a total capital investment of $1.6 billion in Nova Scotia’s rural economy, and they continue to invest in our economy at a rate of $70 million per year. The yearly investment farmers make developing their farm businesses out paces all other resource sectors with the exception of oil and gas.

Our relatively small but highly efficient primary agricultural sector provides Nova Scotians with a moderate level of food security through the production of:  36,000 beef cattle; 226,000 hogs; 72 million pounds of chicken; 18 million dozen eggs; 173,000 kiloliters of milk; 2 million bushels of apples; 40 million pounds of wild blueberries; and, 200 million pounds of fresh vegetables.

Nova Scotia is a world leader in research and the production of carrots, wild blueberries, strawberry plants and fur.