The Voice of Agriculture

Since 1895, the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture has represented the interests of Nova Scotia’s agricultural community. Today its members account for over 95% of all agricultural production in Nova Scotia. With an organizational structure that includes representation from 13 county and regional federations and 27 recognized agricultural commodity groups, the Federation brings together over 2000 individual farm businesses representing all aspects of primary agriculture in the province.

Through its Council of Leaders, comprised of one representative from each regional federation and one from each recognized agricultural commodity group, the Federation tackles policy issues that impact the competitive and sustainable nature of the industry and takes an active role in advancing the needs of Nova Scotia’s agricultural community at the local, regional and national levels. With a trained and competent staff, extensive networks within both the public and private sectors and the active participation of industry leaders, the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture provides the single largest agricultural policy resource base available in Nova Scotia.

Along with reviewing all legislative and regulatory issues that impact the competitiveness and sustainability of the agricultural sector, the Federation actively lobbies for changes to existing legislation, regulation and public policy to reflect the progress and dynamics of the industry. In addition, the Federation continually develops and delivers programs and services to meet the needs of the farm community and is frequently asked to manage and deliver programs and services to the farm community on behalf of outside agencies.

Throughout all its endeavors, the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture maintains a constant approach. That approach is guided by a philosophy that requires: extensive research; strategic planning; creative solutions; efficient implementation; and, accountability.