Proud Members of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture.

The CFA has been representing farmers and the farming community in Canada at the federal level since 1935. Formed to answer the need for a unified voice to speak on behalf of Canadian farmers, the CFA continues to act as the spokesperson for farmers at the Federal level. The CFA is a farmer-funded, national umbrella organization made up of provincial general farm organizations and national commodity groups which collectively represent over 200,000 farm families from coast to coast. To learn more about the CFA please visit www.cfa-fca.ca/


Hellmann’s Real Food Movement

The Canadian food system is in trouble. This short film explains what’s happening to Canada’s local food system and why we should all care. CLICK HERE to watch.

Fresh. Canned. Frozen.

Vegetables and fruit come in many ways. Fresh, frozen and canned are all great options to choose from. Explore this site to find practical tips and ideas for making veggies and fruit part of your everyday. Great for you and for your family!
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