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Livestock Fencing Guidelines 2013

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Think Farm – Ready, Set, Grow

This website is the result of a new entrant working group and is a resource for beginning farmers in Nova Scotia.  However, it is a great resource for exisiting or transitioning farmers too.
Check it out:

Farm Family Support Center

The Farm Family Support Center offers a free and confidential consultation and referral service for Nova Scotian farm families seeking assistance in financial counselling, legal services, goal setting, interpersonal relationships, anger and stress management, psychological counselling, non-family dispute, resolutions, marriage counselling and children/teen conflicts. The Farm Family Support Center can be the key to getting through stressful situations. The ultimate goal of the Farm Family Support Center is to improve the quality of life for the Nova Scotian farm family. Stressful times can put a strain on the relationships in your family but we can help. The Center offers guidance and support designed to help the individual family resolve issues.
Call toll free at 1-877-418-7555, before a problem becomes a crisis

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