The Cost to Register

24. What are the fees for migrating my parcel of property?

The fee for registering or recording a document, including a plan, is $70.00.

25. What will the legal fee be for migrating my parcel of property?

The lawyer may charge a flat rate or may charge by the hour. A number of factors may affect the cost of migration. If the lawyer has “back title”, i.e. the lawyer has previously searched the title of the property there may be a reduction in fees, or if a number of lots have a common root of title then there may be some room to negotiate with the lawyer as to a fee for migration. If several lots can be consolidated into one lot then only one migration has to happen for that one lot.

26. Between a buyer and a seller, who pays for a migration?

Typically the seller will carry out the migration, as it is the seller who is most familiar with the property. The buyer and seller may agree to split the cost of a migration, or a seller may use the fact of already migrated as an added feature of the property.