Provincial Agencies, Boards and Commissions

If you are an NSFA member interested in applying for a board and are looking for a bit of support or someone to run your application by, please contact Henry, Wanda or Maxine at the NSFA office.  

The Nova Scotia Agencies, Board and Commissions (ABCs) have listed vacancies that are available for application. There are many ABCs across government departments, including Agriculture, looking for individuals. The application deadline for adjudicative committees is Tuesday, May 15th. While non-adjudicative committees are reviewed year round, considerations begin on May 15th.

Having farmer representation on these committees is essential to ensure decisions are made with the agriculture perspective. Agriculture Committees looking for representation include:

– Animal Cruelty Appeal Board
– Agricultural Marshland Conservation Commission
– Crop and Livestock Insurance Arbitration Board
– Farm Practices Board
– Farm Registration Appeal Committee
– Natural Products Marketing Council

– Atlantic Provinces Harness Racing Commission
– Livestock Health Services Board
– Nova Scotia Crop and Livestock Insurance Commission
– Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board
– Veterinary Medical Association Council
– Weed Control Advisory Committee

More information and opportunities can be found here.