Snow Damage

Snow Damage Report

There has been steady and recurring hits of winter weather that are affecting farmers in various ways since the end of January and the Federation of Agriculture has been hearing many reports of damage caused by the snow, wind and ice.  Greenhouse Nova Scotia has compiled a scan of damage in their industry and we would like to do the same for the industry as a whole.  There have been discussions with the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and without an accurate scan of the industry, we cannot stress to government the extensive damage suffered by farmers.

You may have already contacted us, but please contact us again to report if you have had damage related to the recent winter weather; details of the structural damage, loss of livestock, cost estimation of the loss and if the loss was insurable or not.  Once the list is compiled, we will get to work, advocating on behalf of farmers.

Please fill out the form and fax to (902) 893-7063. Online submissions can be made here.  Email and phone responses will also be accepted.

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